Marvel’s Avengers – 1.6% of players have reached max hero Power Level

It’s been just over a month since the launch of Marvel’s Avengers, and as players wait for new content to be added to the game we thought we’d dive into some game statistics.

These numbers are plucked straight from the PlayStation 4 trophy data for Marvel’s Avengers. Of course, it’s not 100% representative of the game’s total player base (which is spread across Xbox One, PC, and Stadia too) though it gives a good indication of their behaviour.


At the time of writing, less than half of Avengers players have completed the game’s solo campaign with 40.9% having unlocked the “New Girl Makes Good” gold trophy. It may not sound like much though there’s a chance that many players have dipped straight into the online co-op instead of pursuing the story, wanting to unlock all six playable Avengers as quickly as possible.

In terms of player progression, here are some relevant stats:

  • 1.6% have reached the current 150 maximum Power Level with one hero. This score is determined by your gear and not earned experience points.
  • By extension, 3.5% of players have earned a total of 250 Power Level ranks across their full hero roster.
  • 11.8% have earned enough experience points to reach Hero Level 50 with one character, unlocking all their skills (Time to Shine – Bronze)
  • 14.4% have equipped a hero with Legendary or better gear in each slot (Become Legend)
  • 36.1% have reached Hero Level 5 with 5 different playable characters

Marvel’s Avengers – 7 tips & tricks to become Earth’s mightiest hero

Marvel’s Avengers current sits on “Fair” OpenCritic rating of 68 which no doubt falls short of what Square Enix had been expecting from its bid budget superhero title. Common criticisms include repetitive combat gameplay, not enough enemy variety, and a lack of stand-out Marvel characters to fight against. Of course, this is on top of complaints surrounding the live service structure of Marvel’s Avengers and its reliance on co-op multiplayer content. Here are some of our early thoughts about the game:

Marvel’s Avengers offers a new approach for a superhero video game, yet one that still feels all too familiar for anyone who’s played Destiny, The Division, or Anthem. It’s eye-popping in its technical prowess as well as how much it leans on live service hooks, anticipating players will come back day after day. And a lot of players definitely will, especially if they can squad up with friends. Past its flaws and behind the grind, Marvel’s Avengers is still a fun superhero brawler that has plenty of room to grow in the coming months.

Several weeks after its launch, our thoughts still reflect how we felt on day one. There’s an interesting, if short, string of singleplayer missions to blitz through, giving us fresh yet predictable perspective on Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. While we’ve enjoyed levelling up characters it’s hard to ignore the built-in grind, Marvel’s Avengers encouraging you to run the same missions over and over just to earn experience points and grab gear with potentially better stats.

Before Marvel’s Avengers, there was Marvel Ultimate Alliance

It’s easy to see how this could grate on some players, especially those expecting a meaty campaign mode to sink their comic fan fangs into. However, one of the boons of being a live service game is the steady roll out of new features and improvements. Developer Crystal Dynamics have already confirmed that Hawkeye (and Kate Bishop) will be joining the game with Spider-Man swinging into action early next year. Well, on PlayStation 4 at least.

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  1. I have the Platinum 😎
    I think I have 4 characters at 50 and 2 at around halfway.
    Just waiting on Hawkeye/Spiderman and I will return to play it again :)

    • Of course you have the platinum!

      Honestly, you’re a machine mate.

    • Half machine….. I have feelings and all that….. I think…..

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