Fall Guys Season 2’s new Knight Fever level revealed

Fall Guys Season 2 will soon be upon us with the new content set to arrive on October 8th. The second season was announced in August and it was confirmed that this new season would be Medieval themed. That means things like dragons, knights, and castles will all be around in some form. Now, one of the levels has been revealed over at IGN, and that level is called Knight Fever. You can check it out below.


Knight Fever will pit 60 players against each other, making it a first round match, and out of that 75% will be able to qualify for the next round. IGN has also listed the obstacles that players will face in Knight Fever, and they are:

  • Two uphill sections outfitted with spinning blades and holes in the floor
  • Two sets of spinning logs covered in patterns of spikes
  • A downhill slime slide, also covered in spinning blades
  • A stretch of ground with holes on the floor and swinging, spike-covered logs
  • Three sets of drawbridges that open and close erratically

Fall Guys became the most downloaded PlayStation Plus game EVER, following its launch on the PS4 back in August. In our review for Fall Guys, Stefan wrote:

Full of cute and cuddly jelly beans bumbling into each other in a race for the crown, Fall Guys is just about the most wholesome battle royale imaginable, and a whole lot of fun.
You can read the full Fall Guys review here.
Source: IGN
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  1. I really hope it not all this knight rubbish. Get some spooky ones on the go for Halloween, maybe a few knight based ones. You could have a final round where the remaining competitors get 3 shots each in a cannonball to get the highest points tally shooting at 3 targets which get further away(more than aware I’m ripping off Pilotwings but somebody has too).

    Have some levels where autumn is an obstacle, harmless looking leaves on the ground that are actually a hole, wind, falling trees and wasps trying to sting you which would spin you around for a few seconds,thus losing you time.

    Maybe a space level where you’re jumping on spinning asteroids,while avoiding aliens shooting lazer beams and flying saucers that if you jump on give you a quicker route.

    My favourite idea though,is no themes, just great levels based on whatever.

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