Dead By Daylight prepares for Tome V, coming soon

Dead By Daylight developer Behaviour Interactive are teasing a new slab of content for their spooky multiplayer slasher. Today the studio revealed Tome V: Unleashed promising more updates soon.

If you’ve spent some time away from Dead By Daylight then you might not be aware of Tome, or The Rift, or The Archives. They’re an added layer of player progression which was introduced last year.


Tome V: Unleashed will likely launch in the coming days and with it comes a series of in-game challenges for players to complete. These are presented in branch-like paths, dishing out rewards including Rift Fragment (we’ll explain what these are in a bit). Each Tome is divided into multiple levels and it’s only by completing several linked challenges that you can reach the epilogue and advance to the next tier. Still with us?

These challenges provide optional goals for players to aim for and will often encourage you to use a variety of characters and tactics. Doing so will shower you with Rift Fragments which help fill a progress bar in The Rift. This is basically Dead By Daylight’s slightly more confusing take on the battle pass system we’ve seen in games like Fortnite, PUBG, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Play Dead By Daylight long enough for a live season and you’ll get some neat rewards.

When Tome V: Unleashed goes live, we’ll be sure to list the available tiers and rewards. Here’s a little snippet of lore about The Archives:

The Observer has a unique power, with which he can probe the Entity’s Fog and find memories and stories that are stored in her memories. All these memories are stored in the Fog once a Character is taken, with the Entity not making any use of it, thus getting forgotten.

At the core of The Archives is the Auris, a device capable of peering into the memories of those who’ve entered the Fog. Through this device, the players access a series of Challenges to help them piece together these memories and his overall role. ​

With Halloween fast approaching, Dead By Daylight is rumoured to be gearing up for a special event. Leaks suggest that a bevy of survivor and killer cosmetics are on the way including alternate outfits for horror icons Ghost Face and Leatherface.

Source: Twitter (@DeadByBHVR)

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