Rainbow Six Siege Tachanka Rework goes live today on Test Servers

The day has finally come for the long-awaited Rainbow Six Siege Tachanka rework. Since Ubisoft’s tense multiplayer shooter launched almost five years ago (wow, really?!) this OG operator has been severely underused while also being the subject of endless memes in the Siege community.


Well, that’s all about to change – well, at least the underused part. Originally teased earlier this year, the Tachanka rework will finally be going live later today on Test Servers. It’s a significant update for the Spetsnaz juggernaut and one that sees his static turret removed from the game in favour of something a lot more dynamic.

Previously, Tachanka’s unique ability would allow players to deploy a mounted RP-46 Degtyaryov Machine Gun. While incredibly powerful, using this gadget left players exposed and even after Ubisoft attached a ballistics shields later on, Lord Chanka wasn’t exactly a hot pick for competitive play in Rainbow Six Siege.

As of today, Tachanka will now carry the RP-46 LMG as his primary weapon (or the 9x19VSN sub). The most exciting part of this rework is his new gadget: the Shumikha incendiary grenade launcher which can launch fire-spewing projectiles, igniting small areas. You’ll have ten grenades in total, split between two clips of five.

His other loadout options include the PMM or GSH-18 as his secondary weapon, with either barbed wire or the proximity sensor as his equipment. Another highlight is his passive “Withstand” perk which was introduced with Zofia. Tachanka can pick himself up after being downed after several seconds, though only with five hitpoints.

The Tachanka rework will be hitting Test Servers today, allowing the Siege community to submit feedback. Ubisoft have yet to confirm when the changes will be making their way into the full game.

Rainbow Six Siege recently launched its newest season, Year 5 Season 3. You can find all the details in our report – here’s a brief summary:

Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 Season 3 summary

  • New Operator: Zero (Sam Fisher)
  • Map ban feature
  • Match replays
  • New weapons: SC-3000K and 5.7 USG
  • Contextual ping system
  • More scope attachment options
  • Improvement accessibility
  • Reinforcement pool
  • New equipment: Hard Breach Charge
  • Thatcher rework
  • Stats tracker
  • SquadFinder

Ubisoft recently confirmed that Rainbow Six Siege will be receiving a next-gen upgrade on PS5 and Xbox Series X.

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