Little Orpheus: The Lost Recordings update out now on Apple Arcade

The Chinese Room has released the first major update for its Apple Arcade title Little Orpheus, and the update is called The Lost Recordings. Within this update players will find the addition of new game plus, new costumes, and more than 100 collectibles. The new game plus mode is implemented a bit differently here as this unlocks after each level, so you can go back and replay a level to get anything you missed instead of having to complete the full game.


Ed Daly, studio director at The Chinese Room, said:

“With our first major update we want to give players even more reasons to play and revisit Ivan’s adventure. We’ve added a host of unlockable treats for fans of the game and, well this is probably top secret information, but there might even be a little tease for what’s still to come!”

The collectibles include new concept art, lines of dialogue, and new music giving some more depth to Little Orpheus. There is also a special collectible somewhere in Little Orpheus: The Lost Recordings that teases the next update that The Chinese Room is working on. However, the studio is not giving away what that unlockable is or any details of what to expect in the second major update. In our review for Little Orpheus, Thomas wrote:

Little Orpheus sets a new bar in mobile gaming experiences. Its rich, lush world is only surpassed by the fantastic narrative and voice acting and the stellar soundtrack composed by Jessica Curry and Jim Fowler. It does become a little repetitive by the end, but chances are you will already be gripped and engaged with the story, wanting to see how Ivanovich survives the fantastical dangers of this subterranean world.
You can read the full Little Orpheus review here. And, if you want more details you can check out our interview with The Chinese Room here. 
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