MX vs ATV All Out Switch Review

And stay out!

MX vs ATV All Out is an extreme-sports race that mixes a number of different vehicle classes into one hectic mess of tricks, mud, races and crashes. The title originally released in 2018 to mostly mixed and negative reviews, but has Rainbow Studios turned the title around in it’s Nintendo Switch port?

First things first, this is definitely a game for those people who consider themselves Motocross fans. The game features numerous professional riders, official brands, recognisable tracks and just about everything else a fan of the sport would need, all in one package. The bikes and riders are incredibly detailed with lots of customisation options and upgrades to boot, giving fans plenty of options to get stuck into.


All Out lets players control both the bike and the weight of the rider through the left and right analog sticks. Shift the right the stick left and the rider will lean to the left, and vice versa. It’s a neat system which enables players to shift their weight when going around contenders, helping to maintain both speed and control.

There are several different types of race disciplines in the game, ranging from closed circuits through to large open areas that involve driving across rough terrain. The former are often the most fun, featuring numerous vehicle types and some really varied terrain to battle with. Tussling with other drivers for first, second and third can be a lot of fun, although it can feel a little unfair when a car launches you off your bike.

There are also trick events, in which players can manipulate their bike and body in order to pull off flashy tricks to score points. This was probably the most enjoyable mode for me as there’s a real joy to be found in linking tricks together and building a solid run across many of the ramps.

Between races, players can explore a large hub area filled with collectibles and jumps to play around with. It’s a great way for players to get to grips with the games controls and physics without the pressure of being in a race. The collectibles also provide an added element of challenge as they can be quite difficult to reach.

Unfortunately, MX vs ATV All Out is not a good looking game. It sports visuals that sit somewhere between the resolution of this genre and the texture quality of last gen and the one before that. Grass, trees and mud all look washed out with a dynamic resolution that looks like it drops quite a bit below 720p at points.

Even when the original was released on PS4 and Xbox One in 2018. Many of the reviews complained about how washed out and drab the visuals look, and while a port to Switch was unlikely to dramatically overhaul the graphics, it’s a shame that no effort has been made here to try to rectify those complaints. It’s one of the poorest examples of what the Nintendo Switch is capable of.

I’m also not a fan of the game showing all of the DLC races in the event selection screen. You actually have to scroll past them to get to the playable races and that just sits wrong with me. That’s before you consider that there has been an Anniversary Edition release on PS4 and Xbox One that bundled some of the DLC expansions in, which are kept separate for the Switch version of the game. At £34.99, it’s relatively budget pricing, but this still feels pretty cheeky.

I have no doubt that those who are into motocross and its associated sports will get some kicks out of MX vs ATV All Out and its numerous modes and racers, but it does come across as a cash-grab with poor graphics and performance on Switch. If you’re simply looking for a racing game to play on the go, look elsewhere.
  • Authentic Motocross action
  • Ugly visuals
  • Intrusive DLC
  • Honestly, the visuals are just so bad