The New Xbox Experience update is now live on Xbox One, ahead of Xbox Series X|S launch

Xbox gamers can get a little taste of next-gen almost a month before the Xbox Series X|S launch, as Microsoft have released the New Xbox Experience user interface update out to Xbox One today.

The update weighs in at 660MB and can be triggered in the usual manner, whether simply waiting for your Xbox One to announced the update over the coming days and weeks, or triggering it manually in the system settings.


While Sony have been teasing major changes for the PlayStation 5 system functionality, Microsoft’s plan for next-gen has been to maintain consistency across all their platforms, including Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC and mobile apps.

They’ve made a number of tweaks and changes to the layout of the system software on Xbox One over the course of the year, revising the Guide’s layout and introducing a new Microsoft Store app, but have now rolled out the Fluid Design language across the rest of the system. You now have UI elements highlighted by an outline with rounded corners, instead of the full box being highlighted, and there’s subtle changes to how things are positioned.

The biggest change in functionality we’ve found so far comes in how you manage game installs and data, with a whole new layout for the ‘Manage game and add-ons’ screen. Picking a game from Xbox Game Pass to install also offers more screenshots and details.

So, there will be a lot of consistency for Xbox Series X|S purchasers, and Microsoft can now iron out any kinks in the system that users highlight between now and early November. That’s not to say that the Xbox Series doesn’t have any system differences, with animated backgrounds for the main Dashboard available, and the Quick Resume feature allowing you to keep up to five games on standby to hop back in exactly where you left off.

There’s also plenty of behind the scenes changes, so that you can be logged into as many Xbox consoles and Xbox apps and do messagings, streaming, chatting and more, so long as only one device is actually gaming with your account at a time. This is to ensure that progress, achievements and saves are up to date and synced (game sharing with multiple user accounts and a designated home console should still work, though).

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  1. And Sony just sneak out the 8.00 update to the PS4 without making a big fuss about it.

    Which is probably just as well, as it’s broken some things. You can’t access your friends list in any way now. And if you don’t update it, you can’t go online anyway. So no friends that way either.

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