Ghost of Tsushima: Legends launches today, release times confirmed

It’s the chunky update fans have been waiting for. Today, developer Sucker Punch will be releasing Ghost of Tsushima version 1.1 and with it comes a bevy of new content including a massive new co-op multiplayer mode.


We’ve known for a little while that the update will be arriving today on October 16th, but now we have confirmation as to when this Ghost of Tsushima patch will be arriving on PlayStation 4.

Sucker Punch have revealed that update 1.1 will begin rolling out at 8AM Pacific Time with a worldwide release by 9AM Pacific Time. That means 5PM UK time or 6PM for Europe.

In order to access Ghost of Tsushima: Legends, you will need to find the character Gyozen in the singleplayer campaign – or you can simply dive into the Legends mode via the main menu.

Co-op multiplayer comes in a number of flavours including a survival mode, as well as story missions crafted for two players and challenging Raids. Instead of donning the ghostly raiment of Jin Sakai you will adopt the role of your own hero choosing from one of four available classes, each with their own supernatural abilities.

There’s far more of a fantasy vibe with demonic enemy to vanquish and plenty of cosmetic gear to outfit your avatar. It’s been confirmed that Legends won’t be adding microtransactions to Ghost of Tsushima.

That’s not all you can expect in 1.1 – there’s a New Game+ options too as well as powerful new charms, trophies, and appearance options.

Patch 1.05 added a new “lethal” difficulty option to Ghost of Tsushima, while 1.06 reworked the Traveler’s Attire, helping players to better locate collectables using this armour set – pretty handy if you’re looking to get that platinum trophy.

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