Ghost of Tsushima – how to play Legends co-op mode

If you’re picking up a copy of Ghost of Tsushima, chances are you’re diving into Sucker Punch’s samurai sim for its gorgeous open world and a desperate tale of survival. However, since the game’s launch there is now a free major new multiplayer expansion titled Ghost of Tsushima: Legends.


So, what exactly is this new multiplayer mode and how do you access it? Ghost of Tsushima: Legends allows you and up to three other allies to tackle a series of co-op gauntlets. These come in three different flavours including the story driven Legends missions, the round based Survival, and tougher Raids.

In order to access Ghost of Tsushima: Legends you need to make sure you’ve installed version 1.1 or later. This update introduced the new co-op mode as well as New Game+ and other features/improvements.


Naturally, you’re going to need an internet connection as well as an active PlayStation Plus subscription in order to play, as well as a copy of the base game. While it’s possible Sony will later release Legends as its own standalone title, for now it’s an expansion for the core game.

You can dive into Ghost of Tsushima a numbers of ways, the easiest being via either the main menu (or the pause menu if you’re already playing the story mode). Alternatively you can seek out a new character who appears in the campaign called Gyozen the Storyteller. He has his own map icon and when talking to him as Jin Sakai you can jump straight into a multiplayer mission. Finally, you can access Legends by receiving a party invite from friends.

We’ll be explaining more about Ghost of Tsushima: Legends in our upcoming review and guides coverage but here’s are some quickfire impressions. Ghost of Tsushima really doesn’t feel like the kind of game that would lend itself to multiplayer but the result is both fun and challenging even if it doesn’t elevate the core game’s battle mechanics. Each of the four playable classes will feel familiar in terms of the base melee/ranged/stealth mix though they all come tagged with unique abilities to help set them apart. For instance, the Samurai is the most reliable for cutting down foes and holding his ground while the Ronin can summon a spirit dog and quick-revive fallen comrades.

Ghost of Tsushima: Legends has a rewarding gear system to keep players coming back as well as a ton of cosmetic items that can be unlocked by completing various challenges. Several hours into this surprise multiplayer mode and you’ll have a formidable warrior who feels like you own. Although there’s some grinding involved, at least Sucker Punch have confirmed Legends won’t have microtransactions.

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