Google Stadia is packing in three days of exclusive demos everyone can try – starting now!

Starting as of this moment – that’s 5pm on Tuesday the 20th of October – Google’s Stadia is making a play for new users, and pleasing its current ones, by hosting three days of exclusive demos.

To get us started you can check out PAC MAN Mega Tunnel Battle right now. Mega Tunnel Battles is a head-to-head 64 player battle royale featuring your favourite yellow dot muncher, and introduces a host of new power-ups, character customisation and different mazes. Pac Man Mega Tunnel Battles launches first on Googles Stadia on the 17th of November.


Day two on the 21st of October brings with it the Humankind beta. This historical, turn based strategy game allows you to rewrite history, moulding the growth of humanity in your own image. I assume that means you can continue worshipping cats for as long as you like, before going to war with the dog faction in the twentieth century.

Finally, on Thursday the 22nd of October, Stadia users will be treated to the much-vaunted demo for Immortals Fenyx Rising. One of Ubisoft’s big hitters this winter, Immortals Fenyx Rising casts you as Fenyx, a new winged Demi-god who’s off to protect the Greek gods from a dark curse.

Formally known as Gods and Monsters, the game has more than a hint of Breath of the Wild about it – or Genshin Impact if you’re so inclined – and it certainly looks like it could be a lot of fun. The Stadia demo is exclusive to the platform and takes in Aphrodite’s region, featuring new content from what’s already been seen of the game.

Each demo is going to be available for seven days, so you’ve got one week from when they go live to have your fill. New users don’t have to make any payments or take a Pro subscription, everything is gratis.

Today’s Stadia news also includes the release date announcement for Jedi Fallen Order, which will be joining the streaming service on November 24th, and details of another First on Stadia game in the shape of Hello Engineer, a machinery-building construction game set in the Hello Neighbour universe.

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  1. It’s about time Google gets sued in the US for its anticompetitive and unfair behaviour in the market.

    • Is that on the Android platform? I’m not sure how competitive the world considers Stadia to be!

      • But it might help avoid the situation you will get a nasty Stadia client being auto-installed immediately if you use their search website or Chrome or…

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