Share Factory Studio for PS5 revealed by new PlayStation Store update

A new version of SHAREfactory is coming to the PlayStation 5, as revealed by an entry found in the new browser-based PlayStation Store. Dubbed ‘Share Factory Studio’ it promises to be an enhance video editing experience, tapping into the more ambitious sounding Create button on the PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller.

ResetEra user Toumari captured the above image, while others snapped the description

Share Factory Studio beefs up the technical functionality compared to the PlayStation 4 version of the software, now allowing for capture and editing of game footage and screenshots in 4K and with HDR colours. Screenshots can be modified in a Photo Editor. You’ll then be able to modify this with stickers, text, sound effects, filters, camera effects and more.

Interestingly, you’ll now be able to import your own videos, images, music and sound effects from a USB drive, which will add a lot of possibilities for end users to use this as a much broader editing suite compared to the PlayStation 4 equivalent that allows you to put your own personal stamp on the videos you’re making.

All of this can then be shared to YouTube – beware of importing copyright material if you do that and wish to monetise the videos – Twitter or to your friends in Party groups, which are collected together in what the PlayStation 5 UI reveal showed was called Game Base.

There’s been a lot coming out of Sony’s camp around the PlayStation 5 UI reveal last week, which showcased the speed of the system, the Control Centre overlay that provides access to pretty much all system features while in game, the new PlayStation Activites and card-based interface, and more. A part of the change is that the PlayStation Store will be baked into the main system software and not be a separate app.

There have also been other foundational changes made over the last few weeks. The PlayStaiton 4 was updated to system software 8.00 making fundamental changes to how parties and messages work to tie into the new philosophy behind social interactions on PS5 – much to the chagrin of some users – and the standalone PS Messages mobile app is being discontinued as the feature will be integrated back into a new PlayStation App on smartphone.

Source: ResetEra, Twitter

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