Minecraft Java Edition will soon require a Microsoft account

Mojang have announced that they will be shifting Minecraft Java Edition away from the old Mojang accounts to join the rest of the company’s games in requiring a Microsoft account in order to play. It will join the main Minecraft game and Minecraft Dungeons in this requirement.

While this will be a frustration for some who would rather keep an old system that they are familiar with, and keep their Minecraft data separate from any Microsoft data presence they have online, Mojang insist that this will make Minecraft Java Edition more secure and safer for young players.

In particular, you will now be able to secure you game account with two-factor authentication, you will have Java Edition connected to the same account as the other Minecraft games, there will be access to improved parental controls, and features like chat and invitation blocking will also now appear. You know, the standard Microsoft account stuff.

However, Mojang also promise that this won’t affect how the game actually works. Players will still be able to mod the game to their heart’s content, the PvP scene can continue to thrive, and there’s no added fee for this. Players will get a free in-game cape as a tiny gesture of goodwill.

You will not have a choice in this, as the migration from Mojang to Microsoft is mandatory, and if you don’t migrate, you won’t be able to log in anymore once the transition has been completed. The process will be handled in batches, with an email providing instructions on how to migrate. Once migrated, you’ll no longer be able to use the old log in details, and you’ll get that cape.

They’ll be detailing the process over the coming weeks and months across their social media, but in the meantime, there’s an FAQ on their support page.

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