Mortal Shell’s free Rotten Autumn update adds a new quest and a photo editor

Cold Symmetry has announced the first free update for Mortal Shell and it is called Rotten Autumn. This new update adds a mini quest where players have to help out Gorf. If players are successful they will get ten new Shell shades. Those shades include a war paint inspired by Dracula and a regal yellow trim. In addition, this update also adds a brand new photo editor accessible through the pause menu. Finally, there is an alternative soundtrack from Rotting Christ, though the soundtrack does require a separate download.

Cold Symmetry’s four co-founders – Andrew McLennan-Murray, Anton Gonzalez, Dmitry Parkin, and Vitaly Bulgarov – in a joint statement said:

“We are incredibly delighted with such a warm reception of Mortal Shell and are forever grateful to the community for all the love and support the game has received. We’d like to express our gratitude and celebrate the successful launch with you by introducing this extra content that we hope you’ll enjoy!”

In our review for Mortal Shell, Jason wrote:

Mortal Shell is just an incredibly satisfying experience. It’ll punish you constantly, but if you can master the mechanics it lays out in front of you then you’ll have an incredible time of things. The lore is a little more obvious that in other soulslikes, and the story it tells and the world it puts you in are both rather enthralling. This is definitely a game that fans of dying a lot will enjoy, but it’s probably not for everyone.
You can read the full Mortal Shell review here.
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