Ghost of Tsushima: Legends – All Legendary Items

Find the best items in Ghost of Tsushima: Legends.

As you grind your way at Ghost of Tsushima: Legends and get closer to Ki level 105, you’ll start to come across Legendary Items.

As the name suggests, these are the best items available in Ghost of Tsushima: Legends, each one with its own powerful unique ability that can enhance your favourite loadouts.


There are Legendary Items in each category, including Katanas, Ranged Weapons, Charms, and Ghost Weapons. Note that only one can be equipped at one time unless you’ve unlocked the “Legendary” perk for your character, letting you equip two instead.

Just like rare and epic tier items, you can modify these powerful artefacts by re-rolling stats and traits to suit your own preferred class and playstyle. If you’re serious about taking on the Nightmare challenges in Ghost of Tsushima: Legends you should try and unlock as many of these Legendary Items as possible.

Master’s KatanaKatanaAllow switching between any stance.
Demon CutterKatana
Staggering a target has 30 percent chance to throw nearby enemies.” Two minor perks, one major
Stone StrikerKatanaImproved heavenly strike (extra damage and knockback), costs 1 resolve.
Yonitsune’s HandKatana
Staggered enemies have a 30 percent chance to be knocked down.” Two minor perks, one major.
Masamune’s EdgeKatanaMelee has 20 percent chance to deal double damage.
The Weightless SpiritRanged | BowArrows don’t descend.
Forbidden MedicineRanged | BombBombs heal allies.
Heavens StingRanged | Blow Dart20 percent chance to instantly kill non-Oni targets.
Stone Skipping BowRanged | Long BowHeadshots ricochet to nearby targets.
Sacred IronCharmEnemies that deal melee damage to you have Weaken applied to them.
Shogun’s FortitudeCharmImmunity to Flash and poison effects.
Benkei’s Last StandCharm15 percent chance to negate arrow damage.
Enjo’s RemorseCharm15 percent bonus damage while at full health.
Last BreathCharmInstead of taking fatal damage, heal for 50 health. Can occur every 5 minutes.
Spirit KunaiGhost Weapon 1Getting a kill with Kunai lowers all cooldowns on your character by 15 seconds.
The Touch of HeavenGhost Weapon 1A sticky bomb that also heals allies.
Kenji’s Shared BrewGhost Weapon 2A healing gourd that also heals nearby allies when used.
Lady Sanjo’s SurpriseGhost Weapon 215 percent chance to cause enemies to hallucinate.
Mist of YagataGhost Weapon 2Smoke Bomb that heals friendlies.
Demon SeedsGhost Weapon 2Applies Weaken to affected enemies.

So, which of these Legendary Items is the best? While they all have their uses, it’s widely agreed by Ghost of Tsushima that Stone Skipping Bow is the game’s best prize. Landing headshots naturally or using the Hunter’s ultimate can cause huge amounts of ricochet damage which can be enhanced by her equipped perks and various ammo types.

With Sucker Punch ready to roll out new missions and challenges, there’s a chance we may see even more Legendary Items working their way into the game as part of future updates.

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