What We Played #472 – Genshin Impact, Transformers Battlegrounds & Mario Kart Live

As the internet lights up to the distant sound of fresh consoles in the wild – they’re nearly here folks! – I’ve been having a great time with my old consoles and my old games. I could be playing umpteen things, and yet I’ve returned to Breath of the Wild and Valkyria Chronicles, both of which are my gaming happy place, and I needed some digital comfort food. I did manage to play Mario Kart Live as well as the demo for Immortals Fenyx Rising though, which is so new it’s not even out yet, and that was on Stadia so I’m not completely stuck in the past.

Jim has only found time for one game this week and that’s Ghost of Tsushima, telling us “I’m still a little way off the ending and will probably have to wrap up Jim’s story on PS5. The reason why I haven’t finished is because of the new Legends multiplayer. Considering this is Sucker Punch’s first punt at a proper multiplayer mode for a big AAA game it’s damn good and they’ve already promised more challenging content to come.”

Thomas Hughes was next up and he’s been playing The Red Lantern, saying it “is an excellent narrative survival adventure that takes players through Alaska with a pack of adorable huskies.” He’s also spent some time with The Falconeer, one of the launch titles for the new Xbox. “It’s a very solid dogfighting game with more under the hood than first appears. It’s also absolutely stunning.”

Jason has been playing a lot of Rocket League and a lot of Genshin Impact. Apparently that doesn’t leave a huge amount of time for anything else though. Sounds pretty good though.

Steve meanwhile has been playing all the things! Having played through the “super interesting” Amnesia: Rebirth over the weekend, he’s now exploring the wonders of his shiny new Switch Lite with a few review titles. Alongside those, he’s been hugely enjoying the excellent Mummy: Demastered on PS4, telling us it “is just a perfect self-contained little Metroidvania. Almost made me want to watch the film despite it’s atrocious reviews and reputation (this is the Universal reboot, not the fun 90s one). Looking to spend Halloween immersed in spooky forest games for an academic article I’m working on so that should be suitably terrifying.”

Aran has played Space Crew for review and also a bit more Yakuza 4. I do enjoy how Yakuza basically whips from super serious drama to complete out there scenarios. I’m trying to complete all the Yakuza games ahead of Like A Dragon but I believe that won’t be possible unless I stop sleeping

Nic B shouted at me once again, but this time to say “GENSHIN IMPACT!” which when shouted sounds very much like a move from Street Fighter II. Anyway,  he’s also played some Double Pug Switch, which was “very disappointing”, and some Oddworld, Nice & Tasty.

Reuben has ended up in the same Gacha prison as the rest of them having been playing Genshin Impact too, but he’s also found time to play Scourge Bringer for review, and been tearing up the Bozjan Southern Front in Final Fantasy XIV. Gareth has played Torchlight 3 this week and one game of Rocket League, which he did at least win.

Ade has been playing through the duff ’em up delights of 9 Shaolin Monkeys for review, as well as the easily mis-read title Monster Prom XXL. Miguel has been on it this week with 13 Sentinels Aegis Rim, Apex Legends, Animal Crossing, Ghost of Tsushima Legends, Smash Bros aaaand a little bit o’ the Minecraft filling up all of his time.

Nick P has mostly played Transformers Battlegrounds for review this week, as well as the new Night Mode in Warzone “which has been pretty cool. It’s almost like a different game.”

Finally, Tef has been flitting back and forth across Xbox Game Pass, checking out games like Tell Me Why, The Touryst, Gonner 2, and even returning to Forza 7 for some of that brand of racing. He’s also been on the review and preview path, getting to sample some of Little Nightmares II, backing up Thomas’ PC playtime of The Falconeer on Xbox One X (where it looks fantastic), colonising Mars in Per Aspera, and dropping into the weird and wonderful bullet circular saw hell of Disc Room

What about you? What have you played?

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  1. I’ve literally just this minute platinumed Pic a Pix Classic and I grabbed the platinum for Spyro 3 yesterday. Nice to have platted all 3 Spyro games in the Reignited collection.
    About to start A Winter’s Daydream that I picked up in a sale because it looked interesting and was cheap, while I mull over what “proper” game to play next… Possibly Far Cry 5, maybe Assassin’s Creed 3 remaster or Borderlands…

  2. I finally got the Platinum for PGA Tour 2K21 on Monday was on that for a whole weekend (with Star Wars Squadron VR thrown in to switch in between) cannot believe the Legend difficult in Golf was a Bronze trophy!
    Finally got the last online trophy in Star Wars Squadron today and all that is left is to play the campaign which will be this weekend.
    Started Astro Bot Rescue Mission VR and what a fun wee game this is! About to complete the final world tonight and then mop up the remaining Lost Astros and do the Challenges for the Platinum tomorrow or Sunday.
    Road to 500th Plat is on track! xD

  3. Yet more HZD. 40 hours played and 56% complete. Only just figured out that you can fast travel whilst mounted and craft your own fast travel packs… doh! Mind you the amount of time you spend looking at the loading screen I sometimes wonder if it’d just be quicker to ride there as I have been and enjoying the scenery…

  4. RDR2 annoyed me mildly by adding things for halloween and reminding me they’ve not done anything as good as Undead Nightmare in the previous game.

    Then some Genshin Impact. Should hit adventure rank 35 tomorrow and get another couple of trophies. There’s a lot of work there for those 17 trophies and no platinum. Enjoying it though.

    And then some Star Wars Squadrons. Lots of it. They seem to have fixed the story mode so you can actually get past the first mission now. But I can’t really be that bothered with the story mode because the rest of it is so much fun. Once you get a bunch of regular people together that can communicate and don’t take it too seriously, the fleet battles are huge amounts of fun. And not at all confusing if 3 of your team are called Andy.

    Might also have found time for a bit of Rogue Company. Fun for a free game, and 4v4 matches mean they’re quite quick. Good to pop on to for a quick half hour. Which might turn into a bit longer.

  5. I’m currently sort of locked up being under quarantine at home, as I returned from an autumn break with the family in the Mediterranean. To make things worse, our internet access is down due to a provider change, and that cannot be resolved for 10 days, as no technician is allowed to come round, due to this silly quarantine. Well, at least I got mobile access with my notebook, and I can work from home.

    Game-wise, I continued my journey through TLOU2, which is a really long game, it’s indeed excellent value for money, not only with respect to quality.
    With my son, I revisited ancient Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion on the PS3, started a new game there, and it is excellent looking at it with a fresh perspective through his eyes, we both love it..!

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