Custom PS5 plates are being sold by third party company The Plate Station

When the PS5 launches and people get it they will be getting a console that has white faceplates. It is the only official option from Sony currently though the company has confirmed that the faceplates for the PS5 are swappable. Now, a site has popped up and it is offering four alternative colours for PS5 plates, though it has to be stated that these are all unofficial and have not been licensed by Sony. The options offered by the site called The Plate Station are Chromatic, Cherry Red, Matte Black, and Indigo Blue. These colours are similar to some of the colours that the PS4 was available in.


The prices for each one are £32/€34.95/$39.99. According to the site’s FAQ the company will be shipping the plates from November 12th and delivery should take 5-7 days. The FAQ confirms that the plates will not have the PS logo on them as these are third party plates. The FAQ also states that purchasers cannot mix and match colours at ordering, as the sets come in one colour each. The matte black edition will only be available until the end of 2020, but if the company sees high demand then more will be released. The reason for the pictures being renders and not actual photos of the product is because the prototypes are being created, but Plate Station states that it will be releasing images soon.

In terms of the PS5 warranty, the Plate Station states that changing the plates should not impact any warranty players have with Sony for the PS5 as the plates are removable and can be changed. It makes sense because it is likely Sony will release their own plates eventually for PS5 owners to purchase. The Plate Station is based in the UK but the plates themselves are being manufactured in China.

Source: PlateStation

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  1. I saw an article about these a few days ago where they said they look pretty good but had a warning stating that the company is only four months old so it may be wise to wait a while before handing over your hard earned pennies, just in case!

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