The PS4 version of Night Call has been cancelled

Developer Monkey Moon has announced that it is cancelling the PS4 version of its mystery title Night Call. The reasons for this is that Night Call had poor sales on the other platforms it was released for, there were issues with porting, and that has meant the studio cannot afford to make the PS4 version. The confirmation of this cancellation of Night Call on PS4 came via a statement on Twitter, and you can read what Monkey Moon had to say below.

“Dear Playstation players, we’re super sorry to announce that the PS4 version of Night Call is officially cancelled. Given that the game didn’t sell quite well on other platforms + issues we encountered with our porting partners we won’t be able to deliver Night Call on PS4. Please note that we’re probably as disappointed as you are. But we just can’t afford it.”

The game is set in Paris with the main character being accused of being a serial killer as they were the last person seen with the most recent victim. You need to find the actual killer before the cops close in and pin the entire affair on the main character. The character is a taxi driver and each passenger may offer clues as to what has actually happened, and how to clear your own name from the mess. There are over 70 characters in the game and through each playthrough the killer’s identity will change so you can never be 100% certain that the person in your cab isn’t the killer.

Night Call was released in 2019 for PC via Steam, GOG, and Xbox Game Pass for PC. Night Call was then added to the Xbox Game Pass for consoles earlier this year.

Source: Twitter

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