Removing your Facebook account will also wipe your Oculus games and credit

Facebook recently tied the social media platform to their VR platform, Oculus, requiring you to have a Facebook account to access the Oculus store. As the two companies are linked if you delete your Facebook account then you will also lose access to your Oculus Store games and credit.


While this may seem odd you have to remember than Facebook and Oculus are the same company, if you delete your PlayStation account then you lose access to all your games and credit as well. If you have an older Oculus device and have not linked your account to Facebook then you will not be affected but original Oculus accounts will be not be supported by 2023 so you will have to move to Facebook before then.

Over the weekend there were reports that Facebook was banning Oculus users who add more than one VR headset to their account. This stemmed from a comment from an Oculus Support Representative but has been corrected by the Oculus Support Twitter account.

In an effort to quickly respond to customer questions, we provided incorrect information about multiple device ownership, so we wanted to clarify a few points: Using the same Facebook account on two or more Oculus headsets simultaneously will NOT get your account “banned.” Having the same account registered to two or more headsets is not against the Facebook Terms of Service.

Oculus recent released the Oculus Quest 2 with prices starting at $299 / £299 for the 64GB model, $100 / £100 cheaper than the original Quest. An upgrade to a 256GB model will cost $399 / £399, while there’s also a Quest 2 Elite Strap available for $49 / £49, and the strap with battery pack and carrying case for $119 / £119, both of which can enhance its comfort and portability. You might want that battery, since the headset is still only rated for 2-3 hours of play time…

The headset is now powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 with 6GB of RAM. There’s also 1832×1920 pixels per eye (a significant step up over 1440×1600 in the original), and while there’s only 72Hz support at launch, 90Hz will be coming via an update down the line.

In general, the headset has been made smaller and lighter – it’s now 503g vs 571g – and it comes with updated Oculus Touch controllers that are also a touch smaller.

Source: Twitter / UploadVR

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  1. I wouldn’t touch this with a barge pole

  2. Ouch. Wonder whether that’s really legal. But then, it’s probably been in their terms of use from the beginning and they can do to their few customers whatever stupid things they want.
    In my perception they got more bad press than anything else for this rubbish decision, and their device ist mostly only known as being the one which you need a stupid FakeBook account for.

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