An Xbox Series X unboxing

Oh yes, we’re some of those people. Microsoft have provided us with an Xbox Series X to review, and as we can finally get stuck in with reviewing the company’s next-gen obelisk*, the first step we’re allowed to do is to unbox the console.

So here it is. An Xbox Series X unboxing.

*other next-gen obelisks will also be available.

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  1. Nicely done Stefan, a very tasteful unboxing with a wonderful absence of insincere flim flam! I still can’t get over the shape of this thing, it’s very attractive but so awkward.

  2. Who actually prefers having their console vertical? Because obviously MS think everyone does, which seems weird. Why else would they have that non-removable stand that looks stupid if you place it horizontally, as consoles are intended to be placed?

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