Spider-Man: Miles Morales – Into the Spider-Verse suit revealed with 10 minutes of new gameplay

One of the hottest games coming out in the next month is sure to be Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. A spin-off and continuation of the hit Marvel’s Spider-Man, the game sees the Afro-Latino superhero step into the spotlight, and just as with Insomniac Games’ first foray into licensed superhero games, they’re paying homage to the character’s background and history through unlockable suits for Miles to wear.

Today they’ve revealed the Into the Spider-Verse suit, styled after the suit worn by the Miles Morales Spider-Man in the 2018 animated film. The suit will be a launch day bonus for those pre-ordering the game, though will be unlockable through other means.

Impressively, Insomniac have gone the extra mile to, not only capture the lithe, cartoony style of the character from the film, but also to animate him like the film character. One of the key elements that ran through the film was the clashing visual styles as different Spider-Man characters from across the Spider-Verse were drawn together. It pitched Miles Morales as the novice character having to learn his trade on the fly, and this was in part represented by halving the rate at which he animated in comparison to the more experienced Spider-characters. You can definitely see some of that in play here.

Having originally been revealed during the June PlayStation 5 showcase, Sony announced in September also revealed that Spider-Man: Miles Morales is a cross-gen game, coming to both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, with an upgrade path to next-gen. It was a surprising turn of events, considering the tone of Sony’s statements about their first party games over the past half year, but a welcome one for those unable to upgrade at this time to be able to still enjoy some of Sony’s upcoming games.

It’s also coming in an Ultimate Edition bundle for the next-gen console, which will feature a thoroughly revised and remastered version of the original Marvel’s Spider-Man which, among other things, gives Peter Parker a new face.

In our review of the original game, Gareth wrote:

Marvel’s Spider-Man does a spectacular job of making you feel like the ultimate Spider-Man. From swinging through the city at high speed to fighting off legions of enemies by zipping between them and pulling them into the air, its gameplay looks like a scene from the films. It’s remarkably well realised in terms of its world, design, and even technically, with short loading times and a rock solid framerate even on the base PlayStation 4. If Spider-Man is your thing then this is an essential purchase.

You can read the full review here.

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  1. First thing I noticed there was the lower frame rate animation. Although in the film, he starts out at 12fps and then ends up at 24fps once he’s got better at being Spider-Man.

    It’d be completely excessive and quite cool if you have that suit from the start and the frame rate improves as you progress through the game.

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