What We Played #473 – Watch Dogs Legion, Little Hope & Yakuza Like a Dragon

Time has now slowed to a crawl. The new consoles are further away than ever. So close, and yet, so unfairly far. Still, I suppose we have PS4s, Xbox Ones, PCs, Stadia and Switches to keep us going. Ho Hum. Still, I’ve had lots of fun playing the Immortals Fenyx Rising demo a number of times, as well as making a start on Watch Dogs Legion, putting more time back in on Breath of the Wild (it’s the best Zelda game by the way Jason), and speeding through crazy tracks in Pacer.

Tuffcub was first up this week and he’s been playing The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope, telling us “it’s fab”. Meanwhile Thomas Harrison-Lord has been playing GT Sport again as the PS5 nears, as he’s hoping we hear something more about GT7 soon.

Our second Tom of the week, Thomas Hughes has played lots of Ghostrunner “which is probably one of the best PC game’s this year and I’m also now playing Yakuza: Like a Dragon ahead of its release next month, but more on that soon!”

Nick P has been playing Ghost of Tsushima’s Legends Mode, saying “It’s a surprisingly nice addition to my GOTY. Great value considering it’s free. I’ve also finally managed to jump back on TLOU2 which is still slow going. Lot’s of being sneaky for five minutes before resorting to YEETING myself into fights.”

All about the punchy-game review train, Ade finishing off 9 Monkeys of Shaolin, which was “sadly a little meh”. Now he’s on with Monster Prom XXL, Asterix and Obelix Romeastered, and Cobra Kai… phew!

Nic B has also been playing Watch Dogs Legion; “I must say I’m underwhelmed by how poorly optimised it is. Hopefully the PS5 version will fix the load times and last night’s update fill fix the bugs we’ve all seen”. Other than that, he’s played Magic (because obviously he’s payed Magic) and dabbled with Cardpocalypse, a CCG set in a primary school, telling us “Full review to come, but suffice to say it’s a pretty decent game, all round.”

Also under the review cosh is Steve, with Batbarian, Oceanhorn 2, Battle Hunters, and Blair Witch VR, while he’s played Mummy Demastered and the incredible Sayonara Wild Hearts for fun.

Reuben has put in time on ScourgeBringer and If Found… for review. Besides that it’s been a lot of Genshin Impact “because everyone have blazed ahead of me in this game, and played a bit of Dino Crisis 2 for the podcast I co-host, which he’s not overly keen on (the game, not the podcast).

Aran has been playing more Yakuza 4. “Got a few more chapters to get through and I’ve liked the story. Think I prefer it to Yakuza 3. Also played I Am Dead for review which I found very enjoyable too.”

Gareth has played Cloudpunk and a bit of Damsel, both for review. Meanwhile Jason, other than being silly and thinking Majora’s. Mask is the best Zelda game, has been playing more Rocket League “where I continue to be bad but marginally less bad than I was last week. I’ve also been playing Apex Legends again and have even been not doing as terribly at that either.

Jim has played more Ghost of Tsushima: Legends, telling us “I think my Ronin is just about ready for the first raid – having loads of fun with this mode but getting weary that I still haven’t finished the single player campaign. Also dabbled in some more Final Fantasy VI.” Oh, and he’s got a PS5 as part of our next-gen review train – read his thoughts on Astro’s Playroom and the DualSense here.

Miguel reviewed Watch Dogs Legion for us last weekend, before sinking into more 13 Sentinels, “which is definitely easily my game of the year”. He also played some Apex, a little Predator Hunting Grounds, that new Devolver joint Disc Room, and hopped into the Crash Bandicoot remasters on a whim. “I also played Animal Crossing on my birthday and got very emotional about the in-game birthday festivities.”

And finally, Tef has played a little bit of Watch Dogs Legion, just pootling around “Landan” in a futuristic car. He picked a 60yo Jamaican chap as his first DedSec recruit, simply because he’s also called Stefan. He also got an advanced look at the next season of Apex Legends. Beside that? Well, he’s got both a PS5 and an Xbox Series X, and has started on the journey to review both these next-gen consoles. More on that very, very soon.

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  1. More of the same as recent weeks, really.

    Genshin Impact progress has slowed to a crawl. It’s not even that it’s trying to get you to spend real money. It’s just a lack of story quests after a certain point. But my world level has gone up (which is a different level to your adventure level, and your character levels), and some fights are getting more challenging now. You really need to switch between your 4 characters quickly and combine all the different elements, and know when to switch to a completely ineffective element because of other bonuses. (Cryo against the big cryo bosses? Sounds silly. But if it activates healing and you switch to someone else and keep that healing going?)

    Also, lots of Squadrons. Do I put a Baby Yoda in everything? Or continue my quest to have rusty ships everywhere? Rusty X-Wing, Rusty Tie-Fighter, Rusty Trombone, Rusty Every-Other-Ship?

    Hang on. One of those things isn’t like the others.

    Then there was about 5 hours of helping one of my Squadrons regulars get back into No Man’s Sky. Let him do all the tutorial mission steps while just chucking some helpful supplies his way to save him some time. And I might have shot a Whispering Egg or two just to see his reaction to those monstrosities they unleash.

    Which was almost as funny as putting my niece in VR for some Minecraft. The first thing the mad fool did was run to the nearest canyon and jump straight down into the water. A good test of anyone’s VR legs, I think.

    Oh, and Bless Unleashed. Another F2P mmorpg thing. Reasonably entertaining. Completely useless tutorial messages that only appear for about 1 second. Big lack of inventory space with a annoying way to upgrade it. Too many people trying to kill the same things at once. Luckily a single hit counts as killing things, assuming some idiot isn’t running around kiting all the enemies. (Easy solution to that one is jump on them and hit 6 at once and then run away ;)

    It’s all reasonably fun. Not great. Don’t ask how many hours I’ve put in ;)

  2. Played Astro Bot last weekend and nabbed the Platinum. What a fun wee game that was.
    For some reason I was browsing the Vita games with footy on and saw two trophies away from Little Big Planet and nabbed the Platinum from a game I started 8 years ago lol
    Still on Star Wars Squadron campaign and also been playing Diablo III in the past few days. Forgot how much fun that game can be.

  3. Finished the HZD main story – yay! That is all.

  4. Decided to clear a couple of backlog games bought in sales, so grabbed the platinum for A Winter’s Daydream and Adam Venture Origins, both quite fun in very different ways. Currently a little over halfway through on Batman:The Enemy Within, expecting to platinum that this weekend. Then I’ll start on Far Cry 5. Probably. I’ve installed it at least, so that’s progress.
    That and still hoping for MrYd tea towels to go on sale…

  5. A Skater XL console update was finally announced this week, so I dusted that off in preparation. Pikmin 3 arrived today, and having never played a Pikmin game, I’m looking forward to getting stuck in!

  6. I’ve been playing PCars3 and I was hoping to get the last few events finished but the game isn’t playing ball. Everything was fine when I put the PS4 in rest mode on Wednesday but when I went back to it on Thursday every time I tried to start an event the game crashed!!!
    Back to Snowrunner then.

  7. After I went all the way back to play excellent Oblivion with my son, I was tempted to pick up almost as ancient Skyrim again where I left it back then, as I never finished that one. I remember now why, as I just thought Oblivion was better. But I’ll play it some more.
    Oh, and I watched the first episode of The Mandalorian today, which starts off quite promising.

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