[UPDATED]English Lockdown 2: What will happen to PS5 and Xbox Series X|S pre-orders?

UDPATE: GAME customers should read this!

England is about to enter a second lockdown in an effort to curb the growing number of cases of Coronavirus Covid-19. This is of course designed to save lives, and to prevent the NHS from being overwhelmed, and as such it’s something that absolutely must be done. However, along with a host of questions and worries it creates for households around the country, it will have gamers wondering about what will happen to any PS5 or Xbox Series X|S pre-orders that have been made from a high street store, whether that’s at GAME, Argos, Smyths Toys, or another retailer.

There are a number of variables here, beginning with the fact that some game retailers considered themselves essential retail during the first lockdown and remained open. We can all grudgingly agree that they’re not essential, even if we consider them to be so, and the chances of GAME or someone else using a loophole like this probably won’t last very long.

Smyths ran click and collect services during the first lockdown so they may restart that service. However, if there are hundreds of consoles at pre-ordered at each store then there may still be problems assigning enough time slots on launch day. GAME have also run a click and collect service.

Argos customers may have the best luck as many Argos stores are located in Sainsbury’s supermarkets. Any pre-orders at branches that are closed could be shifted to the ones that are open in Sainsburys.

The stores may also shift preorders to delivery, though there’s already going to be an almighty strain on delivery services through that period to begin with, with even further issues brought on by a second lockdown. There’s very little chance that anyone with an in-store order will receive their console on day one, as the console pre-orders that were already in place for delivery will have all of the capacity booked up.

Combine that with the fact that the new consoles are huge and take up way more space than any previous generation, means fewer will fit on each van. It might be the case that you will receive it within a week, if you’re lucky. If it’s GAME, they’ve also started charging an extra £10 for delivery, so you might receive it, but it will cost you more.

We’ve reached out to GAME, Smyths Toys and Argos for comment.

UPDATE: Smyths have confirmed that pre-orders will be available via click and collect.

UPDATE: Our local GAME have let us know the plans for the Xbox Series X|S launch, which will be that as of Monday the 2nd of November you can pre-pay for your console, and then pick up during limited opening hours (8am to 1pm) on launch day. We’re waiting for clarification on whether that extends to PS5 consoles, but hopefully it will.

UDPATE: The Government has confirmed that non essentially retail can still run click and collect.

Food shops, supermarkets, garden centres and certain other retailers providing essential goods and services can remain open. Essential retail should follow COVID-secure guidelines to protect customers, visitors and workers.

Non-essential retail can remain open for delivery to customers and click-and-collect.

UDPATE: Argos say they will be running click and collect.

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  1. I hope everyone who pre-ordered in shops gets their next gen console as soon as possible after launch if not on day one. From the PS2 onwards I’ve always pre-ordered online as I live in the middle of nowhere, which has been great for keeping the virus at bay.

  2. Best wishes to all over the next couple of months

  3. Point of order. This is not a UK lockdown.

    The announcements on Saturday relate to an English lockdown. Wales and NI are in separate circuit breaker lockdowns that pre-date the English announcement. Scotland does not have any type of national restrictions, but this may change depending upon funding consequentials from HM Treasury

  4. As is to be expected with that bunch of idiots in charge of everything, it’s all confusing. You should stay at home, except for essential reasons. Only go shopping for basic necessities, such as food and medicine. But they then say you can go and pick up non-essential things. As long as you pay for them online or before the 5th. And all turn up at the same time to collect them?

    As much as everyone’s looking forward to getting a PS5, it’s not essential, and popping out to Game or Argos to pick one up in person makes you part of the reason why we’re in the mess in the first place. Get it delivered, or wait a few weeks. Maybe rush out to the pub as soon as they’re open first, then drunkenly shop for a new console before your bags of disease get home from school.

    • Imagine being this scared ? get off your high horse.

      • That’s the problem he won’t get off his high horse. For years he has posted negative, passive aggressive posts and the reason I very rarely visit this site anymore.

        No one can have an opinion but his and I think this shows in the amount of thread responses these days. Mostly – Zero.

      • I’ve noticed that, Tanster. All he does is signal his virtue and act like he’s morally superior to everyone. I used to visit this site often years ago, but he’s one of the reasons I got bored of this site.

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