Dauntless PS5 and Xbox Series X|S enhancements detailed

Like many online multiplayer games available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Dauntless is about to make the leap to the next generation, developer Phoenix Labs outlining their plans for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S support.


The studio have confirmed that Dauntless will be playable on all next-gen systems, complete with cross-play. For those keep track that’s six platforms in total including PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC, all syncing up seamlessly for online hunts.

This news was revealed in a letter to the Dauntless community by Phoenix Labs CEO and Co-Founder, Jesse Houston. However, he didn’t specify whether this next-gen version will be its own separate client or simply available via backwards combability.

Long-time Slayers will be more interested to learn what’s coming in December’s Dauntless Reforged update. According to Houston, this will fundamentally change how the game treat’s player progress while laying the foundation for future content and features to come. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • New Hunt Type: Hunting Grounds
  • 17 Reworked Islands for Hunting Grounds
  • 1 Brand New Island for Hunting Grounds
  • Gliders
  • Island Events
  • Slayer’s Path Progression System
  • Class XP System and Prestige Rework
  • Gear Leveling Rework

Dauntless Reforged will remove Patrols and Pursuits, completely changing the way you queue for hunts. More details are to follow though Phoenix Lab are teasing their new Hunting Grounds mode as a longer, more rewarding way to experience Dauntless and one that encourages you to “Stay and Slay” instead of diving in and out of hunts, cutting down on matchmaking times.

It’s another exciting update for Dauntless, a game which continues to go from strength to strength. We recently posted our up to date 2020 review of the game, scoring the free-to-play Monster Hunter rival a stellar 8 out of 10:

Although hardly original in its premise, Dauntless offers an extremely fun and accessible take on the monster-hunting roleplaying game. It wastes no time in throwing you straight into the action and while easy to pick up there’s plenty of depth there for fans of the genre. What’s more Dauntless is completely free to play, gracefully sidestepping those annoying monetisation pitfalls we’re so used to seeing.

We’ll have more on Dauntless Reforged in the near future.

Source: Press Release

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