What We Played #474 – Spider-Man: Miles Morales, PlayStation 5 & Xbox Series X

It’s hard to concentrate on the games machines of the here and now, when the Xbox Series X arrives next week and the PlayStation 5 not far behind, but for one more weekend I guess I can settle with the perfectly great consoles I have under the TV. I can’t wait to dive into Dirt 5 and Yakuza Like a Dragon next week, but in the meantime, I’m just tootling about making awful mixes in Fuser and playing some more with my Oculus Quest 2.

Aran has been heading into the past by playing the brand new version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire, telling us that it’s a “Bang average experience”. He’s also played the campaign of MK11 “which was decent.”

Getting a headstart on Dirt 5 has been Thomas Harrison-Lord, saying that it’s “a fun arcade-style romp, filled with brash colours and phat tunes. With a bit of luck the online will start working soon and we can finish the review in progress.”

Steve is working his way through FFVII Remake as he continues to catch up on the year’s bigger releases. “It’s gorgeous and captures the tone and feel of the original really well but the combat sometimes feels a bit too button mashy and the upgrades laborious. That being said, some of the Wall Market events are up there with the best of this year’s moments.” Aside from that, he’s played through Battle Hunters for review, demos of Twin Mirror and Rune II Decapitation Edition for preview and enjoyed the lurid delights of the latest Lust From Beyond prologue, Scarlet, “even if the sex scene QTEs were beyond embarrassing”.

Reuben has been putting some time into Tears of Avia for review, alongside more Hades and he’s been replaying the original Hyrule Warriors for a feature and to get him in the mood for Age of Calamity this month. Tuffcub meanwhile has been wowing the fans with out-of-tune mixes in Fuser.

Ade polished off Asterix and Obelix Romastered and Cobra Kai for review and is currently back to playing through Shadow of the Tomb Raider. It’s been a busy week for Nic B. He’s been playing a lot of Bugsnax, which is about all it’s OK to say under embargo. “If you’re publishing this after embargo, you can say that the game is [redacted].” Otherwise, Magic and Genshin’s daily quests are still chugging along; “It’s good to have a lot of games to get me through Lockdown 2: Electric Boogaloo.”

Meanwhile Jim has been lucky enough to get his hands on a PlayStation 5 ahead of its UK launch, so he’s been in full next-gen mode this week. “There are some games I still can’t talk about though I’ve been having a blast with Astro’s Playroom, the free pack-in game every PS5 owner will have immediate access to. Not only is it a great demo of the DualSense’s capabilities, it’s also a solid if straightforward platformer that is crammed with nods to favourite PlayStation franchises. Of course, I’ve been playing Spider-Man: Miles Morales too. Sure, it’s not as big or as chock full of content than the original Spidey game yet the gameplay refinements made here kept me coming back long after the final story mission.”

Jason has been playing more Rocket League, Apex Legends, and Terraria. He’s also done the unthinkable and downloaded Destiny 2 on PC, telling us “It’s an astonishingly pretty game and playing it on PC is a much smoother experience.”

Otherwise Nick P has been playing The Last of Us 2 still, saying “it’s becoming a bit of a slog but at least the second half of the game’s action sequences are decent. It goes without saying that I’ve also been playing Warzone and as per usual, racking up the wins.” Miguel has been playing the wonderful-looking Sakuna Of Rice and Ruin, and a little No More Heroes on Switch. He did a night of Satisfactory with a few pals, a bunch of Fuser for review, aaaand a droplet of Trails of Cold Steel 4. Finally Gareth has been playing Watch Dogs Legion, “which is pretty cool but has some issues”.

And finally, Tef has been bouncing around from game to game, console to console, doing video capture, getting his stopwatch out for load times and trying to see just how many times he can feature his dinosaur planter in the background of our PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X console reviews. Both of them are fantastic machines, but there’s definitely more excitement to checking out Sony’s new console..

What about you? What have you played?

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  1. Finally completed Star Wars Squadron Campaign. Was great fun going to play again on Ace difficulty for the Platinum if not too difficult that is! Will have to wait after PS5 though.
    Started WatchDogs Legion recently and I am enjoying it so far so that is my weekend sorted!
    Hoping to nab my 499th Platinum of Diablo III tonight or tomorrow night with a help from a friend in co op : )

  2. Cleaned up the outstanding trophies in HZD and got my 14th plat – yay! Still only 81% complete in the main game tho. Have set myself up for a trip into the frozen wilds but will take a break and play something else first (TBD).

  3. A lot of time in VR with Squadrons and NMS. Still making all my ships rusty, and adding Baby Yoda to them. Because he’s too cute.

    And then a lot of waiting for downloads with the latest additions to PS Now, which all seem to be quite large. Rage 2 is enjoyable enough, if nothing that hasn’t been done before. And Warhammer: Vermintide 2. Never played the first, not sure that matters. It’s quite good fun, really. Might need to up the difficulty again, as it’s a bit too easy so far. Quite fun to see real players not knowing where to go, while the bots always know exactly which way to go. Maybe the AI is a bit too good there.

  4. More Bloodborne, this time loaded my old save and played some of the Hunters Nightmare dlc, where i progressed further than i had before – and then ten minutes later lost all my blood echoes. And then died even sooner when i tried to retrieve them. xD

  5. This week everything went back to normal: our internet access works again, and is much faster than before too, and I finally finished The Last of Us 2. It’s an excellent game, but in parts so violent that I almost found it difficult to keep playing, and sometimes I actually would’ve preferred my opponent to win the fight…

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