Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: The Stench of Treachery quest guide

Lif, Birna, or Galinn - who is the traitor in Grantebridge?

Upon leaving Norway and first sailing to England, Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla will give you a choice as to which faction you should forge an alliance with. If you choose Grantebridgescire this will start a new story arc for Eivor as you travel south of your newly made home in Ravensthorpe.

It turns out that the Vikings occupying Grantebridge have been driven out by Wigmund’s Saxons following a surprise attack. You quickly team up with Soma to find her companions and retake their settlement.

Even after your victory, there’s a cloud hanging over Soma. The only way the Saxons could have besieged the town is via the secret tunnels beneath Grantebridge. Tunnels only Soma and her three closest advisors know about.

It’s time for Eivor to play detective, scouring the nearby region for clues while questioning the three suspects and those who might have seen anything strange on the night of the attack.

This Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla “The Stench of Treachery” quest guide will talk you through the mission. You can either follow the steps below or skip to the end for a fast solution.

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla “The Stench of Treachery” Guide

Your three suspects in The Stench of Treachery are Lif, Birna, and Galinn, all of whom you have already met in previous quests in this story arc. Soma will ask you to do some digging but you can just as easily make your accusation there and then. We provide the correct answer in a later part of this guide, but here’s how to do it the proper way.

Your first step should be talking to Lif, Birna, and Galinn in their homes around the town.

First we have Galinn, a warrior who wandered the land in a bedraggled state before being brought into Soma’s service. He’s been through some hardship and is obsessed with hallucinatory visions. On the night of the Saxon ambush he has no firm alibi but at the same time no real motive to betray Soma.

Next up we have Birna, one of Soma’s best fighters who parries every grave blow life has to throw at her with a quip and a smile. There’s something more to her relationship with Soma and it appears as though her bags were packed to leave on the night of the raid.

Finally we Lif. He’s been beside Soma for a long time now, serving as a master shipwright. He has served loyally though tells Eivor he had originally put his name forward to lead the tribe, too. On the night of the raid, this ambitious advisor was working in the shipyard.

Exhaust all dialogue options available. Also, make sure you are speaking to nearby NPCs who can give you more clues. Report back to Soma with your findings and your search will be directed to the swamps beyond Grantebridge.

Pop open your Asssassin’s Creed: Valhalla world map and look north. You will see a scattered cluster of islands. You can begin your search anywhere in this region though we’d recommend starting with the tunnel where the Saxons got in. At the entrance you’ll find a painted yellow cross, triggering a cutscene recreation. To find clues, use your eagle vision to scan the area around Eivor, highlighting anything of interest. Quest objectives will glow green.

You’ll be guided further north along the riverbank where you’ll discover wrecked longships and another cutscene. Lif is the master of ships and you’ll find his poem carvings inside these scattered boats. If you examined the shopping list in Lif’s hut you will have also seen that he purchased yellow paint…

There are two more major clues to be found. If you follow the same path shown in the recreation you will come upon a longship painted in yellow. As you’ll know by now, the conspirator painted the ship, marking it for the Saxons to attack. Galinn’s ship.

All the clues are pointing to Lif, but there’s one more crucial piece of evidence. In the nearby Saxon camp west of the river, you can kill a large group of enemies and claim their loot. However, there’s also a clue here – a letter from Wigmund ordering his men to allow a yellow longship safe passage. The plot thickens…

This should give you all the information you need to make the correct accusation. Galinn is the traitor, having brokered a deal with Wigmund. He painted the ship yellow and tried to escape though was set upon by bandits. The place where Eivor finds Galinn at the beginning of this story arc is just north of the yellow ship – convenient, eh?

Report back to Soma and watch the rest of the quest play out.

The Stench of Treachery solved – who is the traitor?

Galinn is the traitor. Select him and Soma will call a meeting of her trusted advisors, killing Galinn despite his protests – he lies through his teeth even in death. You, Soma, Birna, and Lif will head to the Ely Monastery in the final stage of this quest, to kill Wigmund.

If you choose correctly then the raid will go ahead as planned. You will return to camp after slaying Wigmund and Soma will reward you. Birna will also join your clan.

If you wrongly accused Lif or Birna, you will return to camp to find Galinn holding the surviving advisor with an axe to their throat. They’ll break free only to be cut down as Galinn launches an axe at them. You’ll then have to face him in a boss battle. A bloody end to this small saga.

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