Blood & Truth PS5 enhancements are ready and they will include upto 90fps

PlayStation London Studio has confirmed that if you have recently updated its title Blood and Truth then you are already prepared to experience the game on PS5. The latest update has added enhancements that will give improvements to Blood and Truth on PS5, with these including higher resolutions, increased framerate of up to 90fps, better detailed assets which will be present at all times, and improved texture details. The studio confirmed all of this via Twitter.


When playing Blood and Truth on PS5 players will have access to all the content that is available on PS4. That content includes new game plus, leaderboards, skeet shooting, hard mode, and the rhythm challenges. In our review for Blood & Truth, Jim wrote:

The London Heist always felt like it was leading to something much bigger, and here it is. Blood & Truth is a thrilling romp that puts you at the helm of your own blockbuster, dripping with over-the-top action as you blitz your way from one set piece to the next.
Of courses, to experience Blood and Truth on PS5 you will need both your PSVR, and a PSVR PS5 adaptor which you can claim for free from Sony. The adaptor will not be in the PS5 box when that arrives.
Source: Twitter
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