Yakuza: Like a Dragon Guide – All Mini-Games and where to find them

Play every arcade and mini-games in Yakuza: Like a Dragon.

Yakuza games have always been known for having a wealth of mini-games to distract you, and Like a Dragon is no different.

There’s plenty for you to do in Yokohama’s Isezaki Ijincho, but it’s also a considerably larger place than Kamurocho, so it can take some time to get your bearings on just what’s available in. There’s a mixture of familiar as well as completely new activities, although some have certain conditions before you can access them.

This guide will give you a breakdown on all the dizzying mini-games in Yokohama and how to unlock them.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon Mini-Game Guide


There’s actually two arcades in Ijincho, the small run-down Sasaki arcade in the Commercial District and the Club Sega in Chinatown (which is exactly where you’d find a Sega arcade in the real Yokohama).

Sasaki is located on Tsurukame Alley, a side street off W Central St. on the way to Hello Work, so it’s one you can access very easily in the beginning. Inside you’ll find playable versions of Virtua Fighter 2, Fantasy Zone and Out Run, as well as some UFO catcher machines. The photo booth unfortunately is just for show.

Club Sega is just at the end of Chinatown on the North East part of Ijincho. Inside you’ll find playable versions of Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown, Super Hang-On and Space Harrier.

Can Quest

This is the first substory you’ll play and is part of the story. Essentially, you’re riding a bike around the homeless area collecting cans while trying to avoid rival collectors – unless of course you’ve got an energy drink, in which case you can ram into them and steal their cans!

Seagull Cinema

This small arthouse cinema shows vintage films but the comfiness of the seats, and possibly the quality of the old movies, means it can be tough to stay attentive and not fall asleep. Fight back against the sheep to stay awake to get through the film!

You’ll find this on the corner of Ijin Street north of where Otohime Land is. You can’t really miss it as you’ll have to go to Ijin Street as part of the story. You’ll have to complete ‘Substory 8: Old Cinema Paradiso’ first before the cinema unlocks as an activity you can come back to anytime. You can even go see a film with a friend to build up your bond level.


Japan’s own version of Chess, you’ll find a homeless guy set up just north of the homeless camp who will challenge you to a game. You can play ranked matches, challenges or puzzles.

Hostess cabaret clubs

Hostess clubs are a long-running staple in the series although their function is much reduced here. It’s not so much a minigame but a more costly equivalent of a restaurant where you can splash out on food and drink to restore your allies’ HP and MP, although if you treat the hostesses right, it puts your male allies’ in a better mood, boosting your bond level with them.

There’s two hostess clubs to choose from, the Rose Blossom Cabaret that’s on the same street as Otohime Land in the red light district, and Lin Lin Hostess bar, a Chinese hostess bar located in Ijin Street. You’ll go to the latter as part of the story in Chapter 5.


Another series staple returns – except you can even sing in English! This rhythm game is available in Survive Bar which you’ll unlock in the story. You’ll also unlock more songs as more characters join the party.

Slot machines

You can play Pachislots at PIA on Isezaki Road, one street away from Otohime Land. These feature real Pachislots machines including ‘Pachislot Souter-no-Ken Ponyou’ based on the Fist of the North Star manga. You do however have to download free DLC before you can actually play these machines.


You can play Richi Mahjong in two places. There’s Citron Majhong, a basement parlour for lower tier games in the south of Koreatown, and located below where Sujimon Sensei is based. For higher ranking Mahjong games, head to Vista Mahjong on Pier Street in Chinatown north east of Ijincho.

Ounabara Vocational School

This school is on Daikokuten St. just north east of Jinnai Station in the centre of the map. You’ll trigger ‘Substory 10: Fast times at Ounabara’ (which also features a brilliant bit of localisation if you’re playing with English audio) before it unlocks.

Basically, this is the place to go to raise Ichiban’s personality stats by taking a series of vocational tests, which range from trivia to math to your Sega knowledge. Just make sure you have plenty of money as these tests cost a fair bit.

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Based on the darts mechanics from Yakuza 6, you can play darts in basement bar Bee. This is located on Bayside St. almost in the centre of the map just north of Jinnai Station, and around the corner from a Poppo store.

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Heaven’s Golf is located on Kinka St. north west of Jinnai Station around the corner from gourmet sushi restaurant Kappo Katsumi.

Batting Center

Just like the batting centre in Kamurocho, the MIRAI Batting Center is located at the most north west of Ijinco by the sea.

Dragon Kart

A surprisingly decent and meaty Mario Kart clone (and perhaps a parody of those unlicensed Mario Kart go-karting businesses found in Japan), this can be found in Hamakita Park, the most north eastern part of Ijincho by the sea. Those who’ve played Yakuza 0 and recall the pocket circuit racing mini-game may also recognise the owner of this activity.

To unlock Dragon Kart, just complete ‘Substory 40: Welcome to Dragon Kart!’ when you approach the area for the first time. After that, you can return and compete in up to four cups, each with three different tracks based around the city. Each cup is also tied to a substory with racing rivals while you can also upgrade your kart or unlock new ones over time. Bear in mind that the final cup isn’t available until the final chapter of the game.

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Business management

The most substantial mini-game of the lot, you’re introduced to this one in Chapter 5 when you meet Eri where ‘Substory 15: Ijincho’s Safety Net’ begins as part of the story. In the long term, this is the best route to making lots of money in the game, which you do by investing in new businesses, recruiting and training staff, then battling angry investors at shareholder meetings.

Once you’ve unlocked it, you can resume the management mini-game by going to the upstairs office above Ichiban Confections just north west of Tsurukame Bridge.

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There are two underground gambling spots but both are hidden away and require meeting certain conditions to unlock.

The first one is a casino next on Breakwater Drive just next to Chinatown and the taxi point. However, this is hidden in the men’s toilet at this spot and in order to access it, your style level needs to be at Lv.4. Once you’ve reached this level, speak to a guy outside the toilet and he’ll tell you to go into the cubicle at the end and there’ll be a wall that slides open! Underground, you’ll find a casino where you can play Poker and Blackjack.

The second one is a gambling hall that’s easy to miss. You have to climb down a ladder on Kinka Bridge to access it, located just across from Kinka Pharmacy – not far from Survive Bar. But your path to this ladder is blocked by a couple of guys. In order for them to let you through, you need to have your confidence level at Lv.4. The games played here are traditional Japanese card games using hanafuda cards.

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