Yakuza: Like a Dragon Guide – Where to find all Kappa Statues

Every Kappa Statue location for Part-Time Hero quest.

If you’re looking to make some yen fast in Yakuza: Like a Dragon then you’ll want to get to Chapter 5 where you’ll unlock the Part-time Hero service, which happens as part of the story.

This is essentially where you carry out fetch quests like finding x number of items or defeating y number of enemy types. While each quest will net you cash and item rewards, there’s a few that are a very nice earner for when you’re broke for much of the star.

One way to earn a million yen quickly is to complete the request to take a picture of all the kappa statues in the city. You’ll have probably come across a kappa statue early on by the river next to the homeless camp, and a boy there will even mention that there’s supposed to be 10 of these hidden around Ijincho.

What you don’t realise is that, with one exception, these other statues are not as conspicuous as this one with a sign next to it. But you’ve come to the right place as this guide will detail just where you can find all the kappa statues to get rich quick.

Take note that to do this properly, you need to open the camera on Ichiban’s smartphone, which you can do by pressing up on the d-pad. You also want to make sure you get a prompt telling you to ‘take picture’ in order for it to count.

Also, while this quest is available as soon as Part-time Hero is available, a couple locations are out of bounds until you’ve progressed further in the story to about Chapter 7.

In the following guide, we’ve listed all the missing cat locations in Yakuza: Like a Dragon, complete with screenshots of where to find them.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon Kappa Statue Locations

  1. The most obvious you’ll come across early on nearby the homeless camp in the Commercial District where you also find a few of the game’s earliest substories.

2. This one is hidden through a window in a building that can be found in between Hamako’s restaurant/brothel and one of the Part-time Hero reps.

3. In Survive Bar, go upstairs to your hideout where you can restore the party’s HP/MP and if you look to the right, this one is sneakily tucked inside the cupboard on its side on top of blankets.

4. West of Jinnai Station, and not far from one of the missing cat locations, this statue is actually inside an outside accessibility elevator.

5. This one is tricky to find, but you want to go to the red light district south east of the map. East of the Romance Workshop is a back alley parking lot where you’ll also find a silver locker, and a shady businessman (if you’ve made progress in the management mini-game). This is also surrounded by green fencing. The statue is actually located behind the fencing, and though you’ll likely not get a clear picture, as long as you get the prompt it will count.

6. Tucked to the side in Chinatown on the same street where the Yi Xing Tang herbal shop is located. It’s to the right of a restaurant advertising roast duck (as seen in this picture).

7. The only other statue accompanied with a proper sign, this one can be found on the most northwestern corner of Ijincho just behind the batting center.

8. This cheeky chappy can be found inside the Hero’s Harvest food truck in Hamakita Park, next to Dragon Kart.

9. For this one, you’ll need to have access to the Liumang’s hideout, which you won’t be able to reach until late into Chapter 5 (though you can’t freely access until Chapter 7). To reach it, head into Restaurant’s Row and just take the stairs to the right partway in. You’ll likely have to fight some bad guys once you head up here, but once that’s done you should see the statue perched up in front of you on another building’s balcony.

10. The last one is in Geomijul territory in Koreatown, which is out of bounds until you go there in Chapter 7 of the story. If you follow the path you do for the story, you just climb up the stairs (near a place you can also plant seeds) and if you look across from you, the statue is just there on a balcony.

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