Yakuza: Like a Dragon Guide – Where to find all Missing Cats

Every Missing Cat location for Part-Time Hero quest.

If you’re looking to make some yen fast in Yakuza: Like a Dragon then you’ll want to get to Chapter 5 where you’ll unlock the Part-time Hero service, which happens as part of the story.

This is essentially where you carry out fetch quests like finding X number of items or defeating Y number of enemy types. While each quest will net you cash and item rewards, there’s a few that are a very nice earner for when you’re broke for much of the start.

First, in order to start the cat quest in Yakuza: Like a Dragon, you will need to go visit the Part-time Hero office in person (although you do go to the office during the substory when the mode unlocks, it doesn’t count). The office is located in the northwest of Ijincho.

Once you’re there, a cutscene will play featuring a number of stray cats. However, as soon as you leave, you’ll get a call to say they’ve all escaped, so now you’ll have the quest to find all 9 stray cats around the city. You should be able to locate them all from Chapter 5 onwards and once done, just return to the Part-time Hero office to collect a 1 million yen reward!

In the following guide, we’ve listed all the missing cat locations in Yakuza: Like a Dragon, complete with screenshots of where to find them.

Yakuza: Like A Dragon Guide – all Missing Cat locations

  1. Located on Sunrise St in the Commercial District just north of the brothel where you and your party are staying at early on.

2. South of the Bar District, this cat is tucked away in the doorway of this club that has this big garish head statue on the outside (hint: it’s one that the others say looks a bit like Adachi).

3. Behind a car on the upper floor car park in the Commercial District, right above where the Can Quest mini-game is located.

4. West and across the road from Ounabara Vocational School, you have to go through the gates into the grounds of this large square building where the cat is perched on top of a green meter box.

5. West of Jinnai Station, as you come out the station, veer south and go across the road and you’ll come to an enclosure you can enter lined with trees. Head further down, past a row of silver safes (which you might as well open for loot as well) and you’ll find the cat at the very end perched on top of a large bin.

6. At the most northwest of Ijincho next to the batting center. This one’s just on the ground behind a couple of huts.

7. In the west-central part of Hamakita Park there’s a water fountain. The cat is hiding behind that.In the centre of Chinatown, this cat is perched just outside this restaurant.

8. In the centre of Chinatown, this cat is perched just outside this restaurant.

9. Deep inside Restaurant Row in Liumang territory, the final cat is just tucked away in this tiny alleyway.

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