Can the PS5 download and play P.T.?

Is the Silent Hills demo backwards compatible with PlayStation 5?

Even now, many years after the debut of Konami’s playable teaser for the cancelled Silent Hills, there’s an ongoing fascination with 2014’s “P.T.”.

Whether it’s the story behind P.T.’s short yet troubled development or the supposed layers of hidden secrets and symbology players are still trying to decipher, it easily ranks among the most talked about games… well, pieces of software released for the PlayStation 4.

Naturally, with Sony having recently outlined its plans to support just about every PS4 title on PS4 via backwards compatibility, Silent Hill fans want to know whether P.T. will follow suit. The short answer? No.

P.T. wasn’t specifically mentioned in the shortlist of games which Sony announced would not make the next-gen jump to PlayStation 5. However, there was uncertainty as to whether PS4 demos and certain apps would be made backwards compatible, P.T. Naturally, we fired up our PS5s when they arrived in search of the answer.

From the home screen, you can quickly zip to your full game library. This lists all of the games you’ve either purchased or had previously installed (including disc-based versions of PlayStation 4 titles). Presented in a stylish grid of icons, these can be arranged in alphabetical order as well as from most recently purchased to oldest, also listing any demos and betas you’ve downloaded.

The icon for P.T. does actually appear in the game library. Hovering over the game will pop open a menu complete with its artwork though the icon is darkened out with an unavailable symbol in the corner. When you press the Cross button on P.T. you get the following messages:

“Error CE-107064-7: Something went wrong” or “Error E2-82304F81: Can’t find what you’re looking for”.

So there you have it. P.T. is not playable on your PlayStation 5 console, and has been reportedly blocked on the servers by Konami and Sony. It should come as no surprise, really. Alongside P.T. there are a number of PS4 demos you can’t download and play on your PS5. Resident Evil 3, Disaster Report 4, and Disintegration being a few recent demos/betas we saw greyed out.

If you’re absolutely gagging to play P.T. then you can still do so on PlayStation 4. In the meantime, here’s a list of horror alternatives (and adjacent games) that will work on your shiny new PS5 console:

We recently reported on how P.T. wasn’t just a Silent Hills demo, it was a direct middle finger from Hideo Kojima to publisher Konami.

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