Dead By Daylight “A Binding of Kin” Chapter reveals new Killer

Dead By Daylight will be getting not one, but two killers in its upcoming Chapter content update dubbed “A Binding of Kin”.

Well, sort of. You see, newcomers Charlotte and Victor Deshayes have a somewhat… intimate bond. Otherwise known as “The Twins”, the cinematic teaser below depicts their gruesome symbiotic relationship, Victor crawling from the chest cavity of his hook-wielding older sister to stalk the Realms of Dead By Daylight for Survivors.


It appears as though Victor can move around the map and attack players, or at least pin and incapacitate them. Charlotte can then come striding in with deathly strokes of her cruel sickle to deliver a killing blow.

The Twins will be headlining the latest Dead By Daylight Chapter, A Binding of Kin. Like previous Dead By Daylight expansions, this will like be a mix of paid and free content with The Twins and new Survivor Elodie Rakoto tucked behind the game’s paywall, any new features and maps being available to all players.

They will join a growing cast of terrifying faces including The Blight, Dead By Daylight most recent Killer. Since launch, the game has played hosted to horror icons including Freddy Krueger (A Nightmare on Elm Street), Leatherface (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre), and Michael Myers (Halloween) among other appearances such as The Demogorgon (Stranger Things) and our personal favourite, Pyramid Head.

Will Dead By Daylight get bots on PC & consoles?

We’ve yet to see the new Killer in action with no gameplay shown. Behaviour Interactive haven’t confirmed a release date, the trailer ending with an obligatory “coming soon”.

We recently re-reviewed the game for 2020, bumping up its original score:

Dead By Daylight has evolved into somewhat of a phenomenon, proving that the often maligned games-as-a-service model produces more than just cookie cutter loot shooters. It’s still an acquired taste and a bit rough around the edges though stands out as one of the most unique ongoing multiplayer games of the generation.

Those who currently own a copy of Dead By Daylight on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be able to upgrade for free on the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S respectively, carrying over their progress. We’ll be playing this next-gen version when it becomes available and will report on any major upgrades.

Source: Twitter (@DeadByBHVR)

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