PS5 Guide – how to copy videos and screenshots to a USB drive

Transfer your captured PS5 media on a USB device.
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One of the features that defined the previous console generation was the ability to seamlessly snap screenshots and video clips of your favourite games to share with the world. It was great for up-and-coming content creators as well as those simply wanting to archive those epic gaming moments.

On PS5, pressing the Create button on your DualSense controller (this has replaced the DualShock 4’s Share button) will let you do the same, saving screenshots and gameplay footage of whatever you’re playing.

Much like the PlayStation 4, there are options to share images and video via social media (including Twitter) though some users will want to store their media on a USB stick, letting you transport them to various devices to edit and publish elsewhere.

The PS5 allows this through the Media Gallery app. You can either find this app in the list of games and apps found on the home page or, if you’ve not used it recently, scroll right to the Game Library and scroll down in the Installed section of this list. Alternatively, head to Settings (the cog icon along the top of the home menu) > Storage > Console Storage and select Media Gallery.

From here you’ll get to see all your captured screenshots and videos. Copying to an external drive is relatively simple, but there’s still a couple quirks.

You can navigate them by using the tabs along the top marked “favourites”, “trophies”, “albums”, and “USB”, which lets you curate your media to easily find what you’re looking for in future.

Two buttons on the left side can also be used, one of them sorting creations by date as well as applying specific filters. The other button will let you select captures in a group instead of one at a time. Once you’ve marked which ones you wish to transfer from your PS5 console, click the […] option at the bottom of the right-hand side menu which will give you the additional choice to transfer them onto a USB. And there you have it.

There are few points definitely worth mentioning about captured screenshots and video. The PS5 allows you to create HDR enabled images as well as footage that can be recorded at 3840 x 2160 in either WebM (most efficient) or MP4 (most compatible) formats. Typically, higher quality media will be weightier in terms of data usage.

You can modify those options in Settings > Captures and Broadcasts > Captures and then select Screenshot Format or Video Clip Format for more.

If you’re trigger happy with the DualSense Create button you could be eating up valuable storage space on your PS5’s 800GB (well, 670ish GB) HDD, and the console will default to capturing a little 15 second video for trophies that you ear as well. It’s worth visiting this menu from time to time, transferring media to external devices then deleting them to free up space on your PlayStation 5.

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