PS5 Guide – Every PlayStation Plus Collection game listed

Unlock a huge PS4 library with your PS+ subscription.

If you were hoping to escape your backlog by grabbing yourself a PS5, we have some bad news. Well actually, it’s pretty good news, especially if you’re completely new to the PlayStation family or missed out on some of those gems from the PS4 library.

Anyone with an active PlayStation Plus subscription will be able to access a top flight collection of PlayStation 4 titles, downloaded directly to your PS5. As these games are backwards compatible, you can play them on your shiny new console. Accessing them is as simple as finding the PS+ section on your home menu.

There’s an additional sweetener for those hanging onto their old PS4, maybe as a machine for your kids. Once these games have been added to your account, you can then go back to the PS4 and play them there as well!

There’s a terrific mix of Sony first party titles here as well as third party additions from publishers such as EA, Activision, Warner Bros., and Square Enix. Needless to say, there’s plenty to keep your thumbs busy while you wait for more PS5 games to launch in the coming months.

We’ve created a handy table below, listing all of the games currently confirmed for the PlayStation Plus Collection. Sony haven’t said when they’ll be expanding this list or if games will be removed over time, but some are being updated with PS5 enhancements. Days Gone now runs at 60 FPS on the new machine.

You may have seen online that The Last Guardian runs in 60 FPS too though this applies only to the unpatched disc version which doesn’t have a framerate cap.

PS5 PlayStation Plus Collection Games List

Game Name PS5 Enhanced? Release Date
Batman: Arkham Knight No 23/6/2015 Review
Battlefield 1 No 21/10/2016 Review
Bloodborne Rumoured 25/03/2015 Review
Call of Duty: Black Ops III No 06/11/2015 Review
Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy No 30/06/2017 Review
Days Gone Yes 26/04/2019 Review
Detroit: Become Human No 25/5/2018 Review
Fallout 4 No 10/11/2015 Review
Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition No 29/11/2016 Review
God of War Yes 20/04/2018 Review
Infamous: Second Son Yes 21/03/2014 Review
Monster Hunter: World No 26/01/2018 Review
Mortal Kombat X No 14/04/2015 Review
Persona 5 No 04/04/2017 Review
Ratchet and Clank No 20/04/2016 Review
Resident Evil 7 No 24/01/2017 Review
The Last Guardian Kind of 07/12/2016 Review
The Last of Us Remastered A little bit 30/07/2014 Review
Until Dawn No 26/08/2015 Review
Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End No 10/05/2016 Review

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  1. Bloodborne PS5 enhanced?

  2. It’s definitely Days Gone and God of War for me, as they’ve been on my wishlist for ages, and both are enhanced for PS5.
    Your info about The Last Guardian means getting it online with Plus won’t get you the improved version? Odd.
    I also hope Sony won’t mess up how accounts work, so that my Plus subscription on my second account still allows me to play these games on my main account.

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