Spider-Man: Miles Morales Guide – 10 essential tips & tricks

Go from Spectacular to Ultimate Spider-Man.

With Spider-Man: Miles Morales finally here and ready to kick off a new console generation, there’s a good chance many of you PS5 owners out there are picking up a copy on day one to show off your shiny new console.

This follow-up to the power-selling PlayStation juggernaut is more of a sequel rather than just a chunky slab of DLC. Scoring a spectacular 8 out of 10 in our review, Spider-Man: Miles Morales offers more web-slinging thrills while making smart refinements and additions to the existing gameplay.

Having completed the game and the majority of its side content, we’ve come up with a handy list of tips to help you on your own superhero journey.

1. One of the first things you should do is dive into the settings menu and assign shortcuts to both the left and right buttons on the d-pad. Insomniac Games have allowed players to remap these unused buttons to perform a variety of functions from quickly accessing menus to triggering attacks. We’d recommend slotting photo mode and gadget select.

2. A little way into the story, you’ll get access to Miles’s skill tree. You should take some time to check out this menu (we have a handy guide here listing every skill) while also taking note of the Challenge Skills. Split between combat, stealth, and traversal, there are three missions in each category that unlock one after the next. We’d advise blitzing through these asap, especially the traversal challenges. Quick Zip, Quick Recovery, and Point Launch Boost are essential when navigating New York.

3. Click R3 to scan your environment as often as you can. It’s particularly useful during stealth encounters, highlighting enemies in red, though you should follow this up by holding L2 and marking each target individually to mark their locations. You should also scan while exploring the city and moving between missions – it will highlight any nearby collectables or side missions.

4. In Spider-Man: Miles Morales you can perform tricks while airborne by holding Square and a direction on the left stick. This is mostly for show, allowing you to add a little flare as you move from A to B. However, it also gives you a bit of XP for every successful trick and combo, filling your Venom power bars too.

5. The biggest new addition in Spider-Man: Miles Morales is his newly acquired bio-electric powers, or “Venom” powers. By holding L1, some of your actions will become supercharged, Venom Punch being the first you unlock. Miles will generate Venom energy during combat, these special moves being primarily used to stun targets. Knowing how to use Venom will allow you to completely shut down groups of enemies and can be improved further by unlocking skills, Suits, and Mods.

6. Miles’s Venom powers can also be used outside of combat. Using Venom Jump (press L1 and Cross) and Venom Dash (press L1 and Triangle) can give you a sudden burst in height and speed as you swing.

7. It’s tempting to mainline the story missions first, though we’d advise taking some time to explore New York when playing Spider-Man: Miles Morales. By completing side missions and gathering collectables such as Time Capsules and Sound Samples, you’ll learn more about the game’s characters and their stories. Most side content also rewards you with XP, Activity Tokens, and Tech Parts which can be spent on upgrades.

8. Photo mode returns in Spider-Man: Miles Morales and it’s even more robust than before. Insomniac Games have improved this fan favourite feature with new tools for capturing some sensational Daily Bugle-worthy shots. We’ve put together a photo mode guide and for those wanting to share gameplay clips and screenshots on PS5, we have some pointers for that too.

9. The way Spider-Man can seamlessly traverse New York feels empowering though you may be missing an important trick during stealth sections. By aiming manually with L2, then tapping R2, you can stick to walls and ceilings. Doing so will let you quietly eliminate enemies when they come within close proximity. With certain milestones and trophies attached to wall and ceiling takedowns, you’ll want to work them into your stealth routine.

10. Don’t forget about Gadgets. While it’s easy to focus on melee combos, Venom attacks, and finishers, these high tech toys present even more opportunities to bash and beguile Spidey’s opponents. Aside from his trusty Web-Shooters, Miles has Holo-Drones which create friendly holograms, Remote Mines that can electrocute, and a Gravity Well. This last gadget sucks in groups of thugs, leaving them perfectly exposed to a devastating Venom Punch or Venom Smash. For more on Gadgets and all their available upgrades, see our guide.

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