The Last of Us 2 enhanced on PS5 with Adaptive Triggers

It appears that Naughty Dog have quietly enhanced The Last of Us: Part II on PlayStation 5. In the lead up to the PS5 launch we’ve heard from developers offering free next-gen upgrades as well as performance boosting updates for backwards compatible PS4 games.

However, we hadn’t heard anything from Naughty Dog specifically regarding The Last of Us: Part II. With that said, those who were lucky enough to gain access to a PS5 ahead of its initial launch tomorrow have been booting up a selection of PS4 games to catch any hidden next-gen quirks.

The fine folks over at GamesRadar have tested The Last of Us: Part II on their PlayStation 5 review units and have found that the gritty sequel supports Sony’s new DualSense controller. Here’s what they had to say from their playtest:

The difference is immediately apparent when compared to the PS4 version. In combat, you can feel the tension in the DualSense adaptive triggers when you draw the string back on the bow, while every shot you fire on a weapon will also result in a feeling in the controller and it feels amazing.

They noted feedback from the DualSense during other parts of the game including motorboat sections where you can feel the rumble as you fire up the engine and bash into obstacles.

In our review of The Last of Us: Part II we scored the game a triumphant 10 out of 10, call it “a remorseless epic delivering in its masterful storytelling, nail-biting gameplay and unrivalled production values. ”

Source: GamesRadar

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