It’s a bear necessity that you check out the dev diary for Bear & Breakfast

“Look for the bare necessities, the simple bare necessities, forget about your worries and your strife” could well be the kind of song lyric and attitude we need to get to the end of 2020. While it’s been a fair old dumpster-fire of a year, there are some lovely games being released and developed that help staying indoors forever more just that little bit more acceptable. Well, you can add Bear & Breakfast to that list, a joyful-looking bear ’em up featuring a big old bear called Hank.

It’s sold by the devs as a laid-back management adventure game, and from the looks of the video you’re going to be sorting out Hank’s living arrangements in particular detail so he remains a happy bear, while heading off into the woods. Presumably there’ll be some doofering of the kinds of things that bears do, like looking for food, stealing picnics and maybe rubbing their back against a tree, but this is all purely based on my extensive knowledge of cartoon bears.

Developer Gummy Cat – an excellent developer name that creates some truly evocative imagery – actually have Bear & Breakfast as a management adventure game where Hank is attempting to set up his own Bed & Breakfast in the woods. The gameplay sits somewhere in the Theme Hospital wheelhouse, but with a stronger narrative pull taking you through all of the very important room and building design.

The developer diary gives you a glimpse of what they’re working on as well as showing you the true life of a developer, and a picture of their home nation of Romania. I’d go so far as to say it’s one of the best video diaries we’ve seen – more of this please.

Bear & Breakfast is due for release in 2021 on Nintendo Switch and PC. It certainly looks like it’ll help you to forget your worries, and your strife.

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