Snuggles The Unicorn is a game about building a cute little town and murdering demons

Bossa Studios has announced a brand new game with the innocent little title of Snuggles The Unicorn. In Snuggles The Unicorn players can build a town to home unicorns, make friends, do a spot of farming, build a mech suit, descend into Hell, and kill demons. Exactly what you would expect from a game called Snuggles The Unicorn. Bossa Studios has confirmed that a prototype of Snuggles The Unicorn is available to download now by signing up here.


Snuggles The Unicorn is one of a number of prototypes that Bossa has put out. Those other prototypes include Trash Bandits, I Am Fish, Pigeon Simulator, and World War AI. Bossa’s last big release was Surgeon Simulator 2. Surgeon Simulator 2 is a vastly expanded game on the wacky surgeon-ish action of the original game. While there’s still plenty of accident prone digging around in various surgical scenarios, you can now step away from the surgeon’s table and get up to all manner of other things. There’s 12 operations in the game, and you can wander to go and pick up tools in other rooms, share the space with full four player co-op to the game. There can even be some Dr. Frankenstein-esque person creation! There’s also the Bossa Labs Creation Workshop built into the game, letting you create in the game. You can simply customise your character, create scenarios, build new levels and more. In fact, players have already been creating all manner of things in the game.

Source: Bossa

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