Warning: It may be a good idea not to use the PS5 rest mode for the moment

With the PlayStation 5 now officially out in North America and other territories gamers have been getting their hands on the new console and unfortunately there seems to be a an issue with the PlayStation 5 rest mode. The mode allows you to put the console to sleep and instantly pick up where you left off, the same as it does on the PS4.

Insomniac have confirmed that there is definitely an issue if you put the PS5 in to rest mode when playing Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales and the remastered original Spider-Man game.

There are also multiple reports of Godfall also suffering the same problem.

Users who have been hit by the problem have to rebuild their PS5 database and most find that has worked. However, a small number of gamers have found that the rebuild fails and bricks their console.

To stop your PS5 going in to rest mode go to the Settings menu on the console, the navigate to Power Saving and then Set Time Until PS5 Enters Rest Mode. From here select “Don’t Put in Rest Mode”.

Just as an aside: Sony, what’s with capitalising everything but ‘in’ on that menu option? Weird.

It appears the delayed release of the PlayStation 5 might just be to the advantage of us here in the U.K. as Sony have five more days to get to the bottom of the problems and get a firmware update out, no doubt the developers of the games are also looking at the problem.

There are also reports of PS5’s crashing at various points and throwing up the error code CE-108255-1, a rather generic “Something went wrong with this game or app.” Sony have yet to make any official comment on this but @AskPlayStation on Twitter is DM’ing individuals with advice,  so best to try there if you have the problem.

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  1. That’s a downer.

  2. Sony released the console in North America etc first so they could use them as testers to make the launch a better experience for us.
    It’s very good of Sony to make us wait a week until we can get the PS5:) :) :)

  3. At least there’s one pro to missing out on the launch preorder window, these issues should be sorted by the time my preorder ships .. sometime in the spring.. :/

  4. Or do what I do and wait a couple of years for a slim version to appear. It’ll be aesthetically more pleasing than having a small boat in front of your TV. More games available(older games discounted), hardware kinks ironed out and a wee bit cheaper.

    I hope it works out for all you day 1 guys though.

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