Godfall Guide – 15 essential tips and tricks

Master combat in Godfall and learn its hidden techniques.

Godfall was the first game ever revealed for the PS5, luring RPG fans in with its blend of flashy melee combat and a promise of more loot than you’ll know what to do with.

In Godfall, you’ll don one of the game’s many Valorplates – supercharged suits of armour imbued with powerful magic. Combining these with various weapons and upgrades, you can tailor both the style and combat capabilities of Orin in your quest to take down the all-powerful Macros.

If you’re familiar with loot-driven roleplaying games then you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting to grips with Godfall. However, there are some nuances at work here beneath the simple hacking and slashing. This Godfall guide will share some tips and tricks to help improve your overall experience with this PS5 launch title and power up your Valorian warrior.

Godfall Tips & Tricks

1. Godfall uses a close-up camera to emphasise its cinematic combat. The downside to this is that you’ll often get slashed and shot at by enemies who are off-screen. Make sure you keep an eye on the arrow-shaped indicators around your character – these will flash red when an attack is incoming.

2. Parrying isn’t your only defensive technique but it’s one you should attempt to master as soon as you can. Pressing the block button as an enemy attack is about to land will trigger a parry, temporarily stunning your target and deflecting projectiles. You’ll want to combine this technique with the Deathblow Skill. This will allow you to follow-up a parry with a brutal counterattack.

3. Prioritise targets when locked in combat. Enemy formations will typically include more fragile opponents such as spellcasters who can heal and buff their allies or even grant them invincibility. Focus on these foes first.

4. Remember to use every attack and special power when in combat. It’s easy to get carried away simply using your light and heavy combos though you should be weaving between Weapon Techniques, Shield Throws, Polarity Charge strikes, and your Archon Fury ultimate to dominate battles.

5. Godfall’s Takedowns are quick yet flashy finishers that will either kill an enemy outright or will at least drain most of their health. To trigger a Takedown you need to Breach an enemy first by dealing stun damage, increasing the yellow bar beneath their health counter. Takedowns can also occur after successful parries with some skills also making them appear more regularly.

6. The Soulshatter mechanic isn’t explained very well when starting out in Godfall but it’s pretty handy. In a nutshell, your light attacks will deplete an opponent’s health bar while also isolating part of it in a light green colour. Follow up with a heavy attack and this green portion will shatter on top of your base weapon damage.

7. Use Orin’s Spirit Vision to scout the area for points of interest. This will darken the screen while highlighting chests, hidden objectives, and collectables in a glowing light. Hidden objectives are displayed as red beacons and can often lead to some pretty sweet loot drops if you can decipher their simple puzzles.

8. Make sure you are visiting Zenun’s Forge whenever you find a piece of loot that slots nicely into your loadout. Here you can increase an item’s rarity as well as spending resources to boost its primary stats. Don’t hoard your crafting materials – even the rarer ones become more abundant and easy to find towards the late game.

9. If you haven’t done so already, sign up for a SHiFT account. This can be used across various Gearbox published games including the Borderlands series. It will take a few minutes to punch in your details and bind your SHiFT and console profiles but if you’re serious about getting the most out of Godfall it’s a step worth taking. SHiFT codes will be given out in future which can be redeemed for time-limited rewards and content.

10. One trait Godfall borrows from the latter genre is populating maps with crates and pots. You’ll want to smash these whenever you get the chance – while a lot of them will be completely empty, others conceal health pick-ups and currency.

11. The Silvermane is just one of many Valorplates you can equip in Godfall. Each one has its own supercharged “Archon Fury” ability as well as passive perks and other bonuses. You can power through the entire game with only one Valorplate though they’re easy to unlock and let you experiment with slightly different combat playstyles. Each of the game’s three worlds offers a different type of base material (Infused Jasper, Crystalline Tear, or Aetheric Filament) which can be combined with Valorplate Cores to craft these Valorplates.

12. Don’t ignore the Training Arena. While it’s true that Godfall’s combat is fairly straightforward, if you aren’t paying attention to the skills you unlock you may be unaware of advanced attacks and combos. Visit the arena to test new weapon movesets and to give yourself a quick refresh of Godfall’s combat controls if you’ve taken a break from the game.

13. Godfall is a loot-driven game at its core. Although skills will influence the battle tactics available to you, it’s the weapons, charms, rings, and other equipment that will dictate your raw stats including health and damage. There are several things to consider when slotting new items into your Valorplate. First you want to check the rarity or colour of loot with purple or higher gear always warranting closer inspection. You should then compare its stats to optimise your equipped items (for example, choosing weapons with a higher DPS number). However, there’s something else to consider here. Most loot will also have attached perks, such as a bonus chance to inflict Chill or Poison. If two pieces of loot have similar primary stats then always check what else they have to offer.

14. While loot is random, you have complete control over which skills to unlock in Godfall. Skill points will come by simply playing the game, levelling up, and completing certain missions or Merits. Godfall’s skill grid is far from flashy though it gives you a preview of all the bonuses you can unlock, some of them adding moves to your arsenal with others amping your core stats. Some of our top picks include critical chance/damage boosts, wider parry windows, Deathblow, and Weapon Technique enhancements. It’s possible to unlock every skill, though prioritising some over others is definitely worthwhile.

15. Godfall features a catalogue of tiered achievements called Merits. These track just about everything you do in game from killing specific enemy types to popping open chests. Merits can dish out some hefty rewards so make sure you’re tracking them in the menu.

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