Godfall SHiFT Codes – where to find and redeem them in-game

Unlock exclusive in-game loot for Godfall.

One thing you may have noticed while playing Godfall is the option to redeem “SHiFT” codes via the in-game pause menu.

Available now on PlayStation 5 and PC, the newly launched looter-slasher is the latest game from Gearbox Publishing who have used SHiFT codes for games in the past, including the Borderlands series.

So what exactly are SHiFT codes? What do they do in Godfall and, more importantly, where do you find them? Here are some quick answers to those questions.

Godfall SHiFT – where to find and redeem them

SHiFT is a reward system Gearbox have been using since Borderlands 2. The way it works is as follows: by following Gearbox and SHiFT compatible games on social media and online video platforms, there will be occasional SHiFT code giveaways, each key being an alphanumeric code that is 25 characters long.

In order to redeem them you will first need a SHiFT account. This can be done in Godfall or by popping open a web browser. Punch in your details, link to your gaming platform ID, then verify your account to start redeeming SHiFT codes.

These codes will expire after a set time period, encouraging players to quickly dive in and reap any rewards. SHiFT codes have been used primarily with Borderlands 2, Borderland: The Pre-Sequel, and Borderlands 3. They often reward fans with Golden Keys to open special chests, as well as unlocking themed character skins as well as snazzy paint jobs for weapons.

So, what do SHiFT codes unlock in Godfall? Although the rewards system is clearly visible in-game we have yet to see any Godfall specific codes go live. However, it’s safe to assume that SHiFT codes will be used primarily for cosmetic items such as Valorplate skins, as well as small bundles of crafting resources. Although these materials are pretty easy to farm, SHiFT rewards could definitely help speed up this process.

The easiest way to keep track of SHiFT codes as they go live is to hover around Godfall and Gearbox’s social media. A more efficient method is to follow SHiFT code bots or visit message boards to get notified as soon as new rewards are available.

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