Animal Crossing: New Horizons Winter Update brings Thanksgiving & Christmas events, save transfer tools & more

Animal Crossing is getting ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas… I mean, “Turkey Day” and “Toy Day” with the new Winter Update coming out later this week on 19th November. That’s far from all, though…

Turkey Day lands on 26th November this year, during which chef Franklin will appear in your plaza. Your job on the day will be to help Franklin collect ingredients for dishes that will then go on display. Obviously you’ll receive a gift from him for your troubles.

Then, a month later, it’s Toy Day. You’ll all through the month to purchase toys and festive clothing from Nook’s Cranny and Able Sisters, while shaking decorated trees will potentially drop ornaments for you to craft holiday furniture from. Jingle will pay a visit on Toy Day, which is on 24th December. What’s bizarre is that the above trailer shows a character mentioning Santa, so clearly Christmas is actually a thing, right?

That comes alongside nine new Reactions and six new hairstyles which you can acquire using Nook Miles, and you’ll want to visit Tom Nook if you’re running out of storage in your home. He’ll be able to expand your home storage to 2400 slots.

The island dreaming feature will be updated so that you can visit random islands, instead of needing a code, but perhaps the most fundamental upgrade to the game comes from Resident and Island Data Transfers. These twinned features allow you to transfer a player resident to another system, taking their name, appearance, equipment, inventory, home and storage with them. Separately, an Island Transfer Tool app will be available from the Nintendo eShop that will let you transfer an entire island from one system to another, which is something that should have been available from the start!

With rumours that a Switch Pro is on the way, that’s great to have.

Finally, once Christmas Toy Day is done and dusted Nook Stop will have New Year’s Eve themed items, so you can take part in a countdown event on 31st December, starting at 7PM local time.

What, were you planning on going out for New Year’s or something? Really?

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