Gears 5: Operation 5 update “relaunches” multiplayer with 5 new maps, Horde & Escape overhaul

Gears 5 had a big technical overhaul for the launch of the Xbox Series X|S last week, but now The Coalition have dropped the other shoe and launched Operation 5: Hollow Storm to pack the game with more content and “relaunch” its suite of competitive and cooperative multiplayer options.


Operation 5: Hollow Storm brings with it five new maps, with two brand new ones in the form of Nexus and Regency, and three fan favourites from, as Gridlock and Clocktower reappear from the original game and River from Gears of War 2. That’s a lot of new maps, and there will also be an associated stream of new rewards to chase after.

Horde and Escape have been modified so that any character can be any class, separating what was previously linked. Pick a character, choose your class, and then go and battle the Swarm in either of these co-op modes.

That’s in addition to:

  • A suite of Ranked PvP updates to improve the overall player experience
  • PvE balance updates for decoupled classes
  • New Heroic cosmetic rarity to reward our most dedicated players
  • All-new daily and weekly PvE challenges and rewards

Scroll down for the full patch notes, but first, there’s a fresh set of achievements to earn you 80 Gamerscore when playing.

Name Description Gamerscore
Class Act Reach level five on any one Assault, one Tank and one Support 5
The Centaur Set Max out each of the Anchor, Gunner, Pilot, Veteran, Brawler classes 10
A Gear of many Talents Complete a Versus match in each of Regency, River, Nexus, Clocktower, and Gridlock 5
Exterminating the Hollow Get 100 eliminations in Nexus 5
Places to go, monsters to kill Win a Ranked match in each of Regency, River, Nexus, Clocktower, and Gridlock 10
So there’s the hero Collect one Heroic skin 5
Didn’t want to look too civilized Collect 20 Epic character skins 5
Ben would have loved this thing Get an elimination with the Scorcher 5
Solid Gold Beat the Gold Time in a Featured Escape 5
Such carnage Get 400 GP in a Ranked match from eliminations 5
Break them. Brutalize them. Get 100 GP in a Ranked match from ring breaks 5
You’ve got character, kid Own 50 character skins 5
Gun Collector Own 360 weapon skins 10

The launch of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S has seen The Coalition lead the way for Microsoft with a major update to the game’s engine to support these new consoles. Both are able to push for 120fps versus mode gameplay on supported screens, and both also play other modes at 60fps. The Series X, of course, targets native 4K resolutions with the new Ultra HD update and graphics enhancements that were previously only available on PC.

Here’s the full patch notes.

Gears 5: Operation 5: Hollow Storm update notes


  • Updates to PvP including deploying ‘Community Service’ model for quitters and new bonuses for Ranked matches. Here are the full details.
  • Added a new rarity level added above Legendary called ‘Heroic’
  • Major updates to PVE including decoupling Characters and Classes in for PvE. Here is a complete breakdown of all the changes.
  • Made various Store adjustments to improve navigation and more intuitive organization.
  • We know many of you are interested in hearing about our planned changes to re-ups. We will have more information to Re-up rewards in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!


  • Fixed issue with characters briefly disappearing after being counter yanked while having a pistol equipped.
  • Fixed visual feedback inconsistencies with EMBAR firing.
  • Fixed issue with My Tour Objectives not updating after a user runs multiple matches in a row.
  • Fixed issue with incorrect character skins loading in Arcade Blitz and Arcade Deathmatch modes.
  • Fixed issue with xCloud TAK controls for the right joystick being nonresponsive during gameplay.
  • Fixed occasional spawning issue for users playing rolling matches of Golden Gun.
  • Fixed issue with team now appearing online in My Squad.
  • Fixed performance issues with RTX 2080ti.
  • Fixed issue that allowed players to matchmake into “Recruit” playlists after level 30.
  • Fixed an issue so Bastions now shield an enemy target when spawning and no longer use their self-destruct against players.


  • Fixed universal lip flap animation issue when coughing audio plays.
  • Updated Clayton Carmine with new knife prop.
  • Fixed issues with the venom bomb placement in lobbies for Armored and V-Day Sam, UIR Officer Male and Female, UIR Cosmonaut, and UIR Soldier Female.
  • Fixed issue with UIR Soldier Male and Female arm guards missing from the back of the characters.
  • Fixed issue with Commando Dom’s shoulder armor lighting.
  • Fixed issue with skin deformations on the Speaker’s skin while vaulting.
  • Corrected colored armor emissive lights for Kilo Squad Baird.
  • Corrected issue with Void RAAM’s head not turning while looking in cover.
  • Fixed secondary motion on the pouch and lower back for Armored and V-Day Sam.
  • Added light bleeding effect for Kilo Squad Baird’s shoulder strap emissive lights.
  • Added gore texture to Locust Drone’s holstered knife.
  • Updated Queen Myrrah’s face model on the gore mesh.
  • Fixed LOD popping issues on Murder Pool Lizzie’s severed hand and blood tubes.
  • Removed blood effect from Robot characters during execution.


  • Fixed bug allowing players to walk on air after switching weapons while sliding down ramps in Icebound.
  • Fixed issue with users getting stuck behind a wall after going DBNO near a wall in Reactor.
  • Fixed minor light volume issues on windows in Vasgar.
  • Fixed issue with missing grenade collision on a wall in Checkout.
  • Fixed issue with glass rendering in front of smoke grenade smoke in Checkout.
  • Fixed VFX/SFX issues on computer screens and the couch on the tracks in Asylum.


  • Fixed issue with Social Manager giving “Social Manager is having issues getting updates at this time…” error message that occurred intermittently when accessing the Social Manager.

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