Does Godfall have online matchmaking?

How to play Godfall missions in multiplayer.

Arriving alongside the PS5, Godfall is hoping to make its mark as one of the first great action roleplaying games. Developed by Counterplay Games and published by Gearbox Publishing, this next-gen launch title touts itself as a unique “looter slasher” that can be enjoyed without genre’s growingly present live service trappings.

From start to finish, you can enjoy Godfall as a solo RPG experience but if you’ve seen any of the pre-release trailers and other media you will know that it can also facilitate up to three players, working together in online co-op.

This quick guide will provide some clarity surrounding Godfall’s multiplayer matchmaking as well as how you can play the game online with friends.

Does Godfall have matchmaking?

Despite being a widely used feature in most multiplayer games, Godfall does not offer matchmaking at launch, whether you own a copy on PC or PS5. It’s a strange omission and one that we noted in our final review as a negative given how well the game lends itself to online co-op.

Godfall’s maze-like levels and combat arenas are seemingly built with multiplayer in mind. Then there is the endgame content, one activity being a challenge tower that tasks you with surviving wave after waves of enemies while also crossing off co-op focused objectives.


When accessing the world map from your base of operations and accepting missions, you’ll almost always have the option there to create a party with three available slots.

However, the only way to access Godfall’s multiplayer is by inviting friends directly via the PlayStation Network or your Epic Games client. Right now, there is no other way to launch into a co-op quest. Again, it’s a frustrating oversight by developer Counterplay Games. The missions in Godfall don’t require the same level of co-ordination as, say, a raid in Destiny, so having no matchmaking option is a real shame.

In our review of Godfall, we awarded the looter slasher RPG a 5 out of 10:

It takes a while for Godfall’s combat to truly open up and when it does, you’ll revel in its beefy ballet of well-timed blows and counters. That said, it’s hard to ignore the flimsy scaffold that keeps this PS5 launch title standing, the lack of matchmaking, and a loot system you’ll quickly lose interest in. Although still great fun in short bursts, this isn’t the rousing next-gen RPG experience you’ve been searching for.

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