Destiny 2 is about to go fully free-to-play on Google Stadia – no subscription, no… anything!

I know I’m always banging on about Google Stadia, and while there’s a very good chance you’re patiently waiting for the PS5 to launch tomorrow, some very big news for Google’s platform has just dropped. Destiny 2 is about to become truly free-to-play on Stadia, meaning you can pick it up and play wherever you like without any additional gumph. Want to hop onto your phone for a lunchtime Strike? Now you can!

Destiny 2: New Light as it’s now known, is the free-to-play version of the game, and gives you access to a large chunk of Destiny 2’s stellar sci-fi gunplay. For the past year, Stadia Pro subscribers have been able to play Destiny 2: The Collection as part of their subscription, which included the Forsaken and Shadowkeep expansions (If you’re a brand new subscriber this is the last month Destiny 2: The Collection is available to grab for free so be sure to pick it up if you’re tempted to bite).


Destiny 2: New Light gives players access to all of the available worlds, the Crucible, Gambit and co-operative Strikes too, as well as the new opening quest line that now sets you up for the world of Destiny 2. If you’re then sucked in, Beyond Light is the latest expansion, which is available to buy on Stadia, and everywhere else.

While there’s no cross-play right now for Destiny 2 – though it’s a feature rumoured to be appearing in 2021 – Bungie do allow for cross-save, so you can take Stadia out for a whirl with your character built on the PS4, Xbox One or PC (or XSX or PS5 if you’ve been particularly busy).

Destiny 2: New Light becomes available to play for free on Google Stadia from the 19th of November. New players should use this link to Click to Play Destiny 2: New Light on Stadia for free via a Chrome browser:

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