UPDATE: PS5 Launch Day: Where to buy a PlayStation 5 today in the UK


It’s PlayStation 5 launch day and if you have already secured a pre-order we wish you the very best of luck and hope it arrives on time. If you did not then a number of retailers have said they will have stock at some point today so you might get lucky, but stocks will be very limited.

Please remember that no matter where you are in the UK, under lockdown in England or footloose and fancy free in Wales, all PS5 sales will only be online, do not go to your local retailer they will not have any consoles on the shelves.


We will try and keep this page up to date as and when retailers announce they have stock, but here’s what we know so far along with those important links.

Update 10am –Curry’s go live has been postponed until “later today” due a to what we can only describe as ‘a massive cock up’. Some customers were allowed to order before 9am, their orders are now being cancelled, more info here. ShopTo have some stock but like many of the retailers below their website has crashed.

Update 10:25am – Very stock is now live for the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 Digital Edition.

Update 11.08am – Currys PC World’s website has completely crashed. Very is now out of stock.

Update: 12.22pm – Amazon should have gone live but there seems to be a delay, keep hammering that F5 key. Currys PC World have now said “There will be no PS5s available to buy today.”

Update: 12.27pmJohn Lewis now out of stock, ShopTo have removed the console from their website so they seem to have sold out. GameByte have now confirmed they have no stock.

Update 1.05pm – Amazon went live, and sold out in seconds. That was pretty much your last hope for today, you may like to keep an eye on Currys PC World to see when they finally sort their mess out.

Update 3.12pm – We hear that Asda may have some stock at some point today, but no further details.

You may also like to keep an eye on Stock Informer which tracks retailers that have consoles, although the website is very slow. Good luck!

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  1. Good luck to everyone!

    • Hi , I ordered 2 x PS5 from Amazon on pre order day think it was 17 September,
      both turned up yesterday at 1pm no issues what so ever .

      Also bought 2x Xbox series x from smyths and picked them up on release via click and collect service last week , again no problem at all.

      I don’t think I’ve been lucky ,the pre order process does work fine if you use the correct stores.

  2. Its annoying that with this shortage for regular punters that all Sony employee’s get one a PS5 for free. My mate works for them and his arrives today (pre 12pm) with 4 deluxe edition games.

    Great business model Sony!

    • Rewarding your staff like that is pretty good tbf.

  3. Amazon link still says unavailable since 12 noon…

    • Amazon’s whole site fell over at 11:59, and it’s still being flakey. And no sign of any PS5s.

      How did Sony fuck up the launch so badly? Even “2020” isn’t really an excuse.

      • The site seems fine now but no PS5’s available…I can refresh without the errors now but still Unavailable! The joys!

    • I must admit I felt like a kid at Christmas when my ps5 was delivered this morning.

  4. Says it all when it seems easier to set up a Youtube review channel, hit a significant number of subscribers and get one for free pre release than simply buying one.

  5. Where was the info that Amazon were selling today at noon come from? Because according to Amazon UK Twitter they are not. The tweeted yesterday simply keep an eye out for alerts when they are restocked.

    • I had an email from them (twice, a day or two apart) saying more would be available after 1200…

      • I signed up for email alerts ages ago and have received none. Digital Foundry are the ones saying they will sell today yet Amazon UK twitter says differently.


    • And got to the checkout, fell over, and now out of stock.

      • I got one!!!!

      • Same for me… grrr

      • Well, fuck the pair of you ;)

      • Can we keep the swearing to a minimum please, or I’ll have to email warnings.

      • Actually, hold off on that for a bit. It’s going in and out of stock.

      • I was replying to you – i had it in my basket twice but it kept falling over at checkout.

      • That makes more sense, unless I read your “grrr” in a sexy way. I had it in my basket several times. Still hoping.

  7. Managed to get one on amazon as have been refreshing since 12….whilst it has l gone through I will be Interested to see if it is actually delivered tomorrow…. Honestly such a bad way for this to be handled….but at least Sony get to say all stock sold out on release day.!

  8. What a mess! You would think that retailers would have a decent amount of stock for launch. Just had the PS5 in my basket on Amazon and wasn’t allowed go proceed to payment :(

    • The digital edition didn’t even go on sale either

  9. Hey guys it could be worse, I am no longer living in the uk and I cannot get one at all just yet, nowehere here did pre -orders and no one knows when it will be in shops at all. I had to leave to do a visa run, trying to find a country I could get a PS5 in and get back home with it and no restrictions – Not possible.

    I now rely on anyone I know coming from the UK and stocks becoming available before they do.

    At least in the uk some chance of getting one.

  10. And and top of all that failing to get hold of one nonsense, my PS4 is now taunting me with little PS5 icons next to some of my friends. So at least they actually exist, I guess.

    • And now Amazon taunt me with the following email… they can FRO (I wasn’t even trying to buy for me but am still pissed):

      Thank you for your interest in purchasing the Sony PlayStation 5 from Amazon.co.uk.

      The Sony PlayStation 5 has now sold out and orders are closed for the time being.

      We don’t know when it will be back in stock, however we recommend checking back regularly as more stock may become available. Customers can also sign-up via “Email Me When Available” when on the individual product detail page to be alerted when the item is available for purchase.

      We look forward to seeing you again at Amazon.co.uk!

      • The little “#1 Best Seller in PC & Video Games” thing can piss off too.

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