UPDATE: PS5 Launch Day: Where to buy a PlayStation 5 today in the UK

It’s PlayStation 5 launch day and if you have already secured a pre-order we wish you the very best of luck and hope it arrives on time. If you did not then a number of retailers have said they will have stock at some point today so you might get lucky, but stocks will be very limited.

Please remember that no matter where you are in the UK, under lockdown in England or footloose and fancy free in Wales, all PS5 sales will only be online, do not go to your local retailer they will not have any consoles on the shelves.


We will try and keep this page up to date as and when retailers announce they have stock, but here’s what we know so far along with those important links.

Update 10am –Curry’s go live has been postponed until “later today” due a to what we can only describe as ‘a massive cock up’. Some customers were allowed to order before 9am, their orders are now being cancelled, more info here. ShopTo have some stock but like many of the retailers below their website has crashed.

Update 10:25am – Very stock is now live for the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 Digital Edition.

Update 11.08am – Currys PC World’s website has completely crashed. Very is now out of stock.

Update: 12.22pm – Amazon should have gone live but there seems to be a delay, keep hammering that F5 key. Currys PC World have now said “There will be no PS5s available to buy today.”

Update: 12.27pmJohn Lewis now out of stock, ShopTo have removed the console from their website so they seem to have sold out. GameByte have now confirmed they have no stock.

Update 1.05pm – Amazon went live, and sold out in seconds. That was pretty much your last hope for today, you may like to keep an eye on Currys PC World to see when they finally sort their mess out.

Update 3.12pm – We hear that Asda may have some stock at some point today, but no further details.

You may also like to keep an eye on Stock Informer which tracks retailers that have consoles, although the website is very slow. Good luck!

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  1. Such a shambles. Tried when preorders went live. Tried at midnight. Tried at lunch. All different sites and no luck at all.

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