What We Played #476 – Demon’s Souls, Astro’s Playroom & Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

It’s finally happened! The PS5 has launched around the UK, meaning that various members of the TSA team have wrestled Sony’s gaming behemoth to fit it into TV cabinets that were designed for a DVD player and a Sky box. Miraculously, mine actually fit my cabinet, meaning that it’s only the chunky Xbox Series X that gets to stay on display/run the risk of being used by a small child as part of a futuristic Lego city.

With two new consoles to play, I’ve been filling my eyes with new-gen loveliness then, and it’s been Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Dirt 5, Astro’s Playroom and Godfall for me so far. Godfall is perhaps the weakest entry of the lot, but mostly because it’s so shiny that it actually hurts my eyes. I can’t wait to spend more time with everything this weekend.

Aran has also continued his journey into the new generation. “So far I’ve mainly been playing Gears Tactics, which is a fun tactical title even if some of my plans are ruined by poor accuracy. Started AC Valhalla where I promptly ignored finishing the first mission to go explore instead, and I have also been playing Astro’s Playroom which may just be one of the most joyful games I have played in years.”

Jim meanwhile has been dipping his toes in Dirt 5 and CODBLOPSCW (what a wonderful acronym) but most of his time this week has been spent with Demon’s Souls, telling us “It’s really drawn me in despite being tough as nails and me being one of the heathens who would have liked an easy mode bolted on. I can’t fault Bluepoint for the direction they’ve taking though. It’s just a brutal and beguiling now than it was ten years ago.”

Meanwhile, Steve is nearly done with his Hard playthrough of FFVII Remake, “I’m just bashing my head against the secret boss before finishing the last two chapters”. He’s also played some PC titles for review, picked up MH Generations for Switch on sale and tried to ignore everyone else on here tempting him with their new console experiences. “I’m looking to get back to Demon’s Souls on PC – although the slightly souped up emulation doesn’t look as impressive as it did before Bluepoint got involved.”

Gareth has been playing Shadow Fight Arena and Chicken Police for review, with a bit of Shadow of War thrown  in. Reuben on the other hand dropped into the “fantastic” Astro’s Playroom and “really enjoyed all its little quirks and nostalgic references”, before playing the PS4 version of Devil May Cry 5 on PS5. Over the last week he’s mostly been playing NieR on PS3 “to fill a blatant gap in my gaming history” and the excellent Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity on Switch.

Tuffcub has played Destiny 2, but wait! He’s also played “Spider-Man: Miles Morales which is very snazzy, Astro’s Playroom which is just bloody fantastic, and AC: Valhalla which has turned out to be the first AC since Black Flag that I really like, and its got nothing to do with all the big burly bearded men. Well, maybe a little bit. There’s a lot more weight to combat, it feels nicely crunchy rather than the skippy floofy combat in the more recent games. I’m also appreciating you can climb anywhere, all those mountains that other games would go “Nope, not going up there” are available to summit. Also: Thank heavens for next gen – no bloody loading screens as soon as you want to talk to someone! Yass!”

Nic B, like many others it seems, has had his PS5 mysteriously disappear when an Amazon driver was supposed to safely deliver it to his hands. Given the context of this year, that is utterly rubbish, and we hope that some solution is found exceptionally fast. Thomas Harrison-Lord was lucky enough to receive his PS5 and has played through Astro’s Playroom and found it to be the perfect antidote to 2020, saying “I almost felt emotional at times, such is the love that’s gone into even the smallest of details.”

And finally, Tef has been bouncing around a bunch of games, from WRC 9 and Dirt 5 last weekend, to trying his hand at Gears 5 and Halo: TMCC multiplayer and their new 120Hz modes – he’s been thoroughly punished for his foolhardiness, with so many more experienced players out there. He’s also started his own personal journey into AC Valhalla (instead of briefly piggybacking on other people’s saves), and played Tetris Effect Connected to wind down in the evenings, quite enjoying its collaborative multiplayer modes.

Now then, what have you played? Have you been getting on the new-gen train?

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  1. It just arrived today!

    The sodding camera adaptor that is. Which is of no use at all until the whole PS5 launch mess is sorted and I can get my hands on one.

    So, what I said last week still applies.

    Oh, except Rock Band 4 was on sale (just before the option to export songs from RB3 expires), so I dug out the old plastic guitar and realised I’ve now got 200 songs there. Same old Rock Band, really, but with the quite amusing documentary mode thing. My hand hurts now.

    • Ha, I got my camera adapter as well, very exciting.

      • Are you enjoying the 56 page manual that comes with it while it sits on the shelf, desperately hoping it’ll some day get to do it’s job and be plugged into a PS5?

        56 pages just to say “keep out of children” in all possible languages.

  2. I’ve been playing lot’s more No Man’s Sky, Dreams and Bloodborne – and looking at the PS5 launch line-up those three are currently my most-anticipated ‘PS5’ games so far, so i guess i’m not missing out on too much while i wait for more PS5 stock to ship. Also started replaying Unravel, forgot how gorgeous it was – and dipped into Human Fall Flat to try out the Golf and City levels that were added for free a few days ago.

  3. I sold my soul and bought an EA pass for a year – I figure there’s enough free games and trials to justify it. Started out with Jedi Fallen Order – so far ok, feels very Star Wars but I’m not sold on the gameplay. It may be one I drop to easy just to experience the story (like I did with The Witcher 3).

  4. My PS5 finally arrived 2hrs ago! Took me an hour to enjoy looking at this beautiful machine!!! Oh to keep the cable tidy of course so that I can play PS5 on my main TV and PS4 on my secondary TV. Instaling Miles Morales and that will be my weekend sorted. Will dabble other games (got 10 lol) so let’s see what happens.
    Oh before I forget was playing Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla on the PS4, 80hrs sunk in and still a lot to explore/to do. Amazing game!
    See ya next year!

  5. Started Bloodborne this week (trying to get through my PS+ library). Bloody hell it’s difficult, consider myself a decent Souls player but I can’t get through the first level on it yet. Maybe I’m a little rusty and being too inpatient.

    • As a souls vet i’m sure you’ll persevere. Happy hoonting!

  6. Got my PS5 yesterday evening, felt like early Christmas. First, I quickly played the best game ever made, Alien:Isolation, just to make sure it still works on the new machine, which it does, with shorter loading times.
    Then it was mostly Astro Bot, which is very cute and we all love it. Bugsnax looks last gen, or even before that, not sure that’ll be long on my hard drive. Demon’s Souls looks very good indeed, but I might need some new hardware to display stuff like this at some point.
    We love the controller, of course. Even without the rumble and everything, it’s much better to hold.
    The PS5 UI, on the other hand, is a mess, I hope they sort that out over time, or I find out what they thought when they designed it. But, hey, it’s all about the games, right..!

  7. Been play Astros playroom which is brilliant and a bit of path less which is really nice too. Then started on Days gone which in really enjoying.

  8. I’ve been playing Iconoclasts on my PS Vita during lunch breaks, so far so great, intriguing story. On PS4, I finished the main story for Celeste, really fun little challenge with some fun characters.

    Also finished my first scenario on Frostpunk, which is brutal but provides you with that small glimmer of hope that you might just survive. Now I’m playing the Blood Angel’s campaign on Space Hulk Tactics, lovely turn based fun.

    Congrats to those who got their PS5s, looking forward to joining you when there’s a bit more stock available. Sorry to hear about the delivery thefts, that sounds gutting. I hope they sort you out a replacement ASAP.

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