Destiny 2: Beyond Light – Europa, The Glassway Strike Guide

While it’s fair to say the reception for Destiny 2: Beyond Light has been relatively mixed so far, the Europa map and its associated content are welcome additions to the world – especially the new strike!

Europa brings with it a new strike titled The Glassway, while the returning Cosmodrome has The Disgraced strike. The Glassway is an all new strike, taking players through a lengthy journey to the heart of Europa where they will face off against an army of Vex. It’s probably one of the best new strikes we’ve seen in sometime, with both new enemies, different types of encounters and a unique art style.

In this guide we will provide a general run through of each encounter, with some light directions and the weapons and strategies that are going to best aid you.


Europa – The Glassway – Recommended Power Level: 1100

Enemy Types: Fallen, Vex

Loadout Recommendations

The Glassway is a difficult strike with a mix of both long-range and close encounters, so you’re going to want to focus on a mix of different weapon types. A Sniper Rifle is an absolute must have for taking on the new Wyvern enemies, especially if you are under or on the power level for the strike. A pulse rifle will help deal with the mid to long range encounters and many of the weaker enemies throughout the strike. A grenade or rocket launcher in your heavy slot will give you the damage output you need for many of the powerful enemies, and the damage you’ll need for the last boss.

Taking the right element types in with you will also help with the shielded powerful enemies, so you’ll want to make sure you’ve got both void and arch covered as they are the most common throughout The Glassway.


  • You’ll want a pulse rifle for mid to long range encounters and general enemy clearance
  • A sniper for the wyvern enemies and boss damage
  • A grenade or rocket launcher for powerful enemies and the boss damage
  • Make sure you’ve got void and arch weapons

The Glassway starts how most strikes do, which is with a nice short sparrow ride down into an icy canyon. Keep making your way down until you reach a raised platform that you must jump up to and over. From here, swing left and you’ll run into several Fallen, including a few shanks, a dreg and a captain. This is a nice big open space though, and none of the enemies here should really cause you any trouble.

With the Fallen down, make your way along the cliff edge, where more Fallen shanks and acolytes will appear. These shouldn’t give you too much trouble, but you’ll want to be mindful of the space you have between them and the chasm below. It’s not too difficult to get distracted and fall down here! Keep making your way round and you’ll find yourself in the first proper encounter of the strike.

Nexus – Encounter One

As soon as you walk into the small area, several Fallen Wretches and will spawn immediately to your left and towards the back of the room towards the door with a Fallen barrier. While it’s tempting to want to run in and quickly take each enemy down, a servitor will soon spawn, so take your time and pick each enemy off with your pulse rifle before focusing on the servitor with your sniper. This initial encounter is only a short one, serving as almost a kind of warmup for what’s in the next room.

With the Servitor down, make your way across the room and through the open door, which is no longer blocked by a Fallen barrier. After making your way through a short tunnel, you’ll find yourself at the next encounter.

Nexus – Encounter Two

The second encounter in the Nexus is similar to the first, featuring numerous Fallen enemies alongside a cliff edge, but the stakes are raised slightly here with some tougher enemies. As you approach the area, Fallen Dregs will spawn around the outside, along with a Warrior’s Enforcer and a Powerful Servitor. If you are under levelled, both of them will hit hard, so keep your distance and pick off all the surrounding enemies with your pulse rifle. As you head into the area, there’s a large rock column and a smaller rock to the right that will both provide the perfect cover for you to shoot from.

With the weaker enemies slain, it’s time to focus on the Servitor and Enforcer. Use your sniper on the Servitor to begin with, its critical hit spot is reasonably easy to shoot, and it’s less likely to move around like the Enforcer. If you can spare it, use any heavy ammo you have to deal damage to the Enforcer and then finish them with the sniper rifle or pulse rifle. With all the other enemies in the room down, focusing your fire together as a team should make quick work of the Warrior’s Enforcer.

The Fallen Barrier ahead of you should now open, and you can make your way up and further into the cave. You’ll then want to hug the right wall, jumping between the different platforms before coming to another opening, and another Fallen Barrier.

Nexus – Technocrat’s Assistant

This encounter is very similar to the last, but with one big difference. The sub-boss in this encounter, Technocrat’s Assistant, will use the new element Stasis on you and your fellow Guardians. This element freezes you in place, meaning you cannot move and will take damage until you break free.

Fortunately, you can play this encounter the same way as the last one; hang back and use cover to take down the weaker enemies in the area, before moving your focus to the Servitor which spawns. When the servitor is down, focus your efforts as a fireteam and damage the Assistant with your sniper of heavy weapon. Just be mindful of his Stasis abilities which can bring you grinding to a very sudden halt. Once the Technocrat’s Assistant is down, the Fallen Barrier will once again fall enabling you to continue into the heart of the caves.

Travel through the doors to find a few Fallen Dreg next to a Vex Milk Waterfall. With the Fallen down, turn left into the river and make your way across the platforms and cross the bridge at the top of the area. You’ll now find yourself in the Glassway area, which starts with many platforms and Fallen enemies. You’ll want to make your way across carefully because you can easily end up surrounded here.

If you are quick enough, you can actually get through here without having to kill any of the enemies, so keep that in mind if speed and time is important to you!

The Glasshouse – Encounter One

Remember when we said earlier on that you’ll need something with range? The next encounter is a little different as it tasks Guardians with standing still while Draining Radiolarian Fluid. Several Fallen Shanks, Explosive Shanks and Vandals will spawn above to your left and right. As a team, you must drain the fluid and defend against the oncoming waves. Having a ranged weapon here will really help deal with the enemies before they get too close, which is especially important when they include Explosive Shanks. With you and your Fireteam in close proximity, it wouldn’t be difficult for you to all die if you are under levelled.

With the fluid drained, it’s time for you and your fireteam to make your way across the pit below. Fallen Dregs, Shanks and Servitors will spawn into this area and there will also be fire from above courtesy of Vandals. There’s plenty of cover for the enemies on your level in the pit, but it can be difficult to hide from the Vandals above, so you’ll want to focus on killing them before anything else.

You’ll need to kill everything in this area in order for the Fallen Barrier to open at the other end, so once you’ve done that, it’s time to take on the final encounter.

The Glasshouse – Belmon Boss Fight & Wyverns

Having fought your way through many encounters, it’s finally time to take on the boss of The Glasshouse Strike, and it does not disappoint! As you walk into the room, you’ll notice a large portal and a pool of Vex Milk. To the right and left of entrance there are two backrooms that wind round onto the lower level near the pool, make sure you know the layout of both sides as they make a great escape route when things get a little too hectic.

Take out the few Fallen enemies here to start the encounter, upon which two Hydra’s will spawn. One is your typical run of the mill Hydra, while the other (named Belmon) is around four times the size of it. Both will spawn into the arena and Vex Minotaurs and Goblins will appear on the left and the right. Take down the Vex reinforcements first and then focus your efforts on damaging the boss. This is where the sniper rifle you’ve brought along will come in handy. Try to sit reasonably far back here and dive into cover if you gain the attention of Belmon. It hits incredibly hard, and could be a one hit kill if you go into it under levelled.

The general flow of this encounter is to kill the weaker Vex, kill the powerful enemies, and then damage the boss. Around halfway through the encounter, a new enemy type called Wyverns will start spawning into the area. These hit hard with powerful ranged and close encounter attacks. This is where your sniper rifle will come in handy, allowing you to shoot them in their red eye, which will open up a white critical hit spot just below. Be careful though as Wyverns wind up a charging attack which can be lethal. Fortunately, you can counter this swooping charge with a melee attack.

Stick to the aforementioned loop while staying out of the line of fire and you should be able to take Belmon down. This is a difficult Vex boss, and at the moment the best thing you can do is be patient. Use your sniper rifle and powerful weapon to attack Belmon, but it’s very easy to wipe, so don’t forget those backrooms to your left and right!

Enjoy your spoils Guardian, you’ve earned them.