Ubisoft detail workaround for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla & Watch Dogs Legion PS5 upgrades with discs

Sony and various developers are rapidly hammering out some of the quirks and issues surrounding the PlayStation 5’s staggered global launch, with Ubisoft acknowledging issues with redeeming the free PS4 to PS5 upgrades for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Watch Dogs Legion, when those games were purchased on disc.

Both games have free upgrades for PlayStation 5, regardless of whether you purchased them digitally or physically, but a number of people have reported that it’s not been working with the disc versions of the PS4 game. Ubisoft have now acknowledged the issue and are investigating why it’s not as clear and obvious as it should be. It’s not known what the root of the issue is… other than that the PlayStation Store’s backend is maybe a bit of a mess in places and something’s not linked together quite right.

So here’s Ubisoft’s steps of what you need to be doing in order to redeem the upgrade:

  • Insert the eligible PS4 game disc.
  • Go to the game hub for the PS4 game. Users must select “VIEW PRODUCT”
  • Select the upgrade offer on the game hub and review the upgrade offer.
  • Select Download (or purchase with the discount price) to download/purchase content.
  • After the download is complete, you can play the PS5 digital game by inserting the PS4 game disc. You will need to keep the disc inserted each time to play the game.

There’s no guarantee that this set of steps will work, so patience will still be required. At the very least, people affected will be able to play the PS4 version of the game via backward compatibility and, outside of a jump to 60fps, the vast majority of the experience should be roughly equivalent.

Still, it’s not the same, is it? So here’s hoping the issue can be fully resolved soon.

We’re still beavering away at our Assassin’s Creed Valhalla review, but we scored our Watch Dogs Legion review with a rather good 8/10. Miguel said:

Watch Dogs Legion is a different type of sequel to Watch Dogs 2, contrasting in its approach to creating a hackable open world playground, but with no less impressive results. Playing as any citizen in London leads to some less-than-engaging story moments, but the web of relationships and activities that crop up as a result of the systemic design is mind-blowing. I rarely did the same thing twice in Watch Dogs Legion, and if I did, I wasn’t doing it the same way twice. Watch Dogs Legion truly feels like a living, breathing world, and it’s a world that I plan to revisit often, even though I’ve seen the credits on the main story roll.

via Eurogamer, VG247

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  1. I’m glad I waited for the PS5 version of Watch Dogs.

    There seems to be a fair few issues with the PS5’s system/game software. I’ve had Dirt 5 crash a few times and if I put the console in rest mode with the game running it doesn’t ‘wake up’ properly and I have to restart the console. But strangely if I leave the game paused and let the console put itself into rest mode it starts up fine ???

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