Black Ops Cold War Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro reports for duty on PS4

It's classy-fied.

Nacon’s Revolution Unlimited Pro controller for the PlayStation 4 has been redeployed this year, just in time for the launch of Activision’s latest entry in their flagship franchise. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has already been a hit, immersing FPS fans in another mind-bending saga with another comprehensive multiplayer offering on top.

Whether it’s gunning down hordes of the undead in Zombies, engaging in classified competitive online skirmishes, or gearing up for the next season of Warzone, Call of Duty players are the prime audience for pro grade gaming controllers. One of our top picks – and easily the best among Nacon’s recent range – is the Revolution Unlimited Pro.


There’s nothing clandestine or covert about this premium PS4 gamepad. It’s essentially a reskin of 2019’s Unlimited Pro, packing in all the same top-of-the-range features with a fresh lick of paint, ideal for Call of Duty’s hardcore contingent.

Let’s start with how it looks. We’ve seen the Nacon Revolution series sport a number of different paint jobs and colour schemes including a camo theme that may appeal to FPS gamers. However, this newly-licensed controller for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War takes direct inspiration from this year’s sequel. 

Here the Pro has been daubed in an army-like olive green and then plastered with Black Ops iconography. We see fragments of an American flag with Russian lettering imposed over the top as well as a “top secret” badge showing off a big cat snarling, a nuke clutched between its fangs. Even the PS4’s touchpad has received some Cold War treatment with some of the tiny text having been roughly censored out.

As we mentioned in our original review of the Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro, this pad has a hefty form factor which sits nicely in-hand. The asymmetrical stick layout, chunky triggers, and larger face buttons are also plus points with a decent D-pad to boot. Having a matte finish and textured grips helps sell that premium look and feel.

Comfort and durability are just two pillars in what makes a pro controller worthwhile. Features and customisation are equally as important to those who take their competitive gaming seriously and this is where Nacon deliver again.

Although some will question why they included this design quirk, Nacon have once again given the option to pop off the hand grips and slot miniature weights inside to add more weight. Even at their heaviest they only add an extra 32 grams though having the choice – and a way to physically customise your Pro – is a nice touch. Interchangeable sticks and shafts also make a return for those wanting to switch between concave/convex thumb grips while also adjusting the diameter of your L3 and R3 sticks.

Then we have the more advanced set of features. Next to the toggle on the rear side (allowing for either wired or wireless connection) you can select one of the four profiles you’ve assigned to the Unlimited Pro via Nacon’s official PC companion software. This is where the real granular tweaking happens, modifying trigger sensitivity, response curves, and button mapping, among other things.

Once again, our only real gripe with this controller (and Nacon’s PS4 range at large) are the programmable buttons. The size and position of these four buttons has always felt a little off. To the extent that we avoid using them in multiplayer games, unless there’s a particularly handy button shortcut we need.

Also, for those who’ve just picked up a new PlayStation 5 (or are doing their very best to snag one), it’s worth remembering that PlayStation 4 gamepads are only compatible with PlayStation 4 games on the new machine. If you want to pair this with playing Black Ops Cold War on PS5, you could only do so with the PS4 version of the game.

With an RRP of €179.90, the Black Ops Cold War edition of the Unlimited Pro is easily one of the most expensive PlayStation 4 pads on the market. That’s three new PS5 DualSense controllers. However, as Nacon know, competitive players are willing to pay that price for a piece of kit that will offer them top-tier customisation and reliability.

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